heatless curls

All girls know that hot tools can help us in making beautiful hairstyles, but they can also damage our hair. Therefore, the heating appliances will do more harm than good if you are using them on the regular basis. Fortunately, there are various options other than the hot tools.

If you are looking for different ways to form curls in your hair, then there are myriads of options. Some of these ideas will help in forming curls in your hair without doing any harm. The best thing to do is that you can be creative and there will be no harm to your hair quality and quantity. For example, you can use socks and towels for getting Instagram-worthy pictures. Here, in this write-up, we are going to describe different ways to curl your hair without using the heating tools:  

Bathrobe Curls

The bathrobe curls are a no-heat hairstyle and it is gaining high popularity in the hairstyling world. While forming the bathrobe heatless curls, the only thing that you need is a bathrobe. Also, you need to have some patience. It is recommended that you should start with the curl cream. You have to apply it to your hair. There are different types of curling creams available out in the market.

These curling creams help in sealing moisture in your hair and also help in repairing broken ends as well. It is recommended that you should place the tie of the bathrobe on your head. You should make it in such a way that it comes down on both sides. After that, we recommend you divide the hair from the center. Now, start twisting on both sides of the tie. Finally, secure both ends with the help of elastic. Leave them for the whole night. In the morning, you will see the gorgeous curls.

Flexi Rods

Most people love this technique of hair styling because this method helps in achieving voluminous curls. The curls created by the Flexi rods also last for various days if you wrap them properly during the night. The Flexi rods are available in different lengths and sizes.

It is recommended that you should experiment with a few so that you can find the right curl shape that suits your style. To implement this styling technique, you should also use the right styling products. Also, you should wisely choose the section of the pieces of your hair to wrap around the Flexi rod. If you want long-lasting curls, then you should keep the Flexi rods for long until your hair is completely dry.

Hair Rollers

The hair rollers are used for creating amazing curls. This technique is quite old and appreciated by many. It is a tested and tried method that can help in creating beautiful curls without leaving any harmful effects. If you want to implement this technique, then you should simply use the set of rollers to form the curls and make your hair look voluminous. You just need to take one section of hair and tie the rest. .

Now, you should apply a little bit of mousse to your hair and start combing. Now, fix the rollers in your hair. Place the roller at the end of the section and start moving it in an upward direction. You should fix the roller at the specified place with the help of hairpins. Repeat this process until you fix various rollers in your hair. You should leave the rollers for a few hours before removing them.

4. Sock Bun Curls

The sock is another good technique for creating curls on your hair. It is another heatless technique for creating beautiful curls. We recommend you start applying curl cream to your hair. It will help in keeping your curls for long. Again, you should section your hair.

Now, you should use the alligator clip or claw clips for thick hair to keep them in place. After that, you should grab a sock and place it at the roots of your hair. Start wrapping your hair around the sock. You have to twist it so that you can achieve the doughnut shape. Take out the clip and open the sock so that it can properly wrap your bun. Leave the bun as it is for the whole night. Open it up in the morning so that you can get the beautiful curls.

5. Bantu Knots

The Bantu Knots is a popular styling technique. Also, it helps in making frizz-free curls. If you want to try this style, then you have to make two-inch sections in your hair. Now start twisting your hair from roots to ends, You should keep twisting to form a beautiful bin. Secure these twists with a hair elastic. Repeat the step for all sections. Leave them for the whole night and undo them in the morning.  

By Anurag Rathod

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