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Surfing is an active sport which most people prefer to practice often. This is because of the level of enjoyment it offers to the person who is undergoing it. But nobody can be perfect over anything. There is something better than everything in the world. So don’t worry about your ability. 

There are some tips and techniques for everything to enhance your quality in that particular. Portugal is a place where people show more interest in surfing. So one better thing you can do is just go join the best Portugal surf camps. Here are some things that would help to improve your surfing skills. 

Learn the perfect way to paddle

Paddling is one of the most important things which would help you to become a standard surfer. This might be an afterthought for so many people and really it doesn’t come into the hold when you are simply riding a wave. It comes naturally, simply about every person who manages a board. The main thing about paddling makes catching waves and getting out the back infinitely easier, though it is achieved only when done properly.

 When paddling, all the possible ways you tend to get forward is one of the best ways to generate more power. It involves your shoulder rotation instead of the simple movement of your arms. It is better to do paddling with your fingers closed. This technique is recommended by most of the best surf camps in Portugal

Pick your position in the lineup and manage it

It is highly recommended to pick up a position in the lineup and hold it as you mean it. It is not that hard to find the best place in the lineup so spend some time to analyze this part before you start your surf. 

Just spotify which area of the break is the take-off zone then sit as much as close to that particular zone when you finally paddle out. This would help you with the best chance of scoring an epic ride. Next time when you are opting for a surf trip in the north of Portugal, you can try this for better results. 

Surf what is in front of you

Most of the time, people surf with a goal in mind to try out a new manoeuvre, but you are not surfing to compliment the wave is the big problem in this. To achieve a great improvement in your next surf it is always better to try out what is in front of you. A good surfer will have the ability to assess the way they are going to surf a wave on the fly. 

Where to surf? 

After basic etiquette, the next most important thing to have an enjoyable surfing experience is to find better waves at the right spot. It is ideal to spot a place where waves break slowly over a semi shallow sandy bottom. As you are just starting, you don’t need a perfect peeling wave, just look for long rows of knee-high whitewater rolling towards the shore. Don’t hesitate to start from the beginning and find a place that is with limited people. Here just think of you the master and try to catch lots of waves and experience the art of paddling into the waves and popping up. You can even browse to spot the areas where you can find places and lessons for beginners. There are some best surf camps in Portugal to meet all your requirements. 

What to ride? 

As a beginner, it is better to start with a big board. Most people start their surfing journey on their brand new, expensive shortboards. But a problem with this is that it lacks the volume and length for the rider to catch a sufficient amount of waves. Actually, this limits the improvement of your skills. Never feel shame to start on a ten-foot soft-top longboard. Only with this, you can feel easy to paddle and stable to ride. With this, you can also have lots of practice reading the ocean and also helps you to pop up with ease. As once you are properly skilled, you can use your professional board to perform.

Thus you have seen some of the important techniques or tips to improve your surfing ability, there is still a lot more to know about it. And it is always wiser to join a surf training program to have more development and a better experience. 

By Anurag Rathod

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