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Did you move to Office 365 account from Zimbra? Having its TGZ files on the system that you need to instantly view in Office 365 environment? Wondering how to import Zimbra TGZ file to Office 365 directly in a safest way? Looking for the best approach to implement the required procedure? If yes, then not to worry because as you read the article you will find a suitable technique that will instantly import all TGZ files into Office 365 at once with emails, contacts, calendars, and other items accurately.

Lot of people keep moving from one email platform to another. And, due to this it is quite common for them to migrate data from one email application to another. Although it is not an easy task until you know the best method to perform it. However, if you are not aware of the right method and still you are implementing the procedure, then you can end up with loss of data. So, we are introducing best available tool i.e. CubexSoft Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool that will immediately import Zimbra TGZ file to Office 365 account right away. The software has many advantages and benefits. We will discuss them later first we see why the need arises to move data from Zimbra to Office 365 in brief. 

Need to Import Zimbra TGZ File to Office 365

Zimbra and Office 365 are used by all types of organizations all over the world. And, there are number of reasons available due to which users want to import Zimbra TGZ file to Office 365 account. Some are highlighted here:

  • Zimbra require proper configuration to use it on the other hand Office 365 is open source application which doesn’t require any configuration to operate it. 
  • Office 365 offer enterprise level platform which can be operated by many users at a same time.
  • Database in Office 365 is highly secured as compare to database in Zimbra application. 
  • Zimbra account synchronization process is too slow and it configured all account in a single environment. 
  • Office 365 provides various advanced features such as automatic reminder, activity tracking, workspace, calendar, Real Time notification, file management etc. 

Now, let’s check how TGZ file is extracted from Zimbra account.

How to Retrieve TGZ Folder from Zimbra 

Follow the steps and know how to extract TGZ folder from Zimbra account:

  1. Run Zimbra application in your system.
  2. Now go to preference tab and select Import/Export option from the left panel of the display.
  3. Then select required data type you want in TGZ folder and then press Export button to move forward.
  4. Further select Save file option and then click on Ok.
  5. Now go to the location where you saved your TGZ files and check whether they are created or not. 

How to Import Zimbra TGZ File to Office 365?

With the help of CubexSoft Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool, users can directly import Zimbra TGZ file to Office 365 with all the data items. The software GUI is non-typical and so technical and novice users will find the application easy-to-manage. The steps in the tool are simple and time-saving.

Moreover, the powerful features will help users to import Zimbra TGZ file to Office 365 as per specific requirements. However, the free demo version of the application is available with the help of users can analyse the migration steps for free.

Working Steps to Import Zimbra TGZ File to Office 365

Step 1. Download and load Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool on Windows system. Go with the first option and click on Next button.

Step 2. Click Add File(s) option appearing on the top-left of the menu. 

Step 3. Load TGZ files/folders on the software with the help of required options i.e. Add File(s)/Add TGZ Folder/Add Extracted TGZ items. 

Step 4. The tool now scan the selected TGZ files on the software and list all its items on the software pane. 

Step 5. You can click the required item to list its files on the software. Simultaneously, you can view the data of the same in a Preview window.

Step 6. Go to Export button and click Select Saving Options to choose Office 365.

Step 7. Specify Office 365 email address. If it is administrator account, then click I am Admin option. Simultaneously set the other options i.e. categories and filters and click Connect.

Step 8. Provide the password of specified account in Microsoft login-screen.

Quick Note. After entering the details of admin account and clicking on Connect button will take you to Mailbox Mapping Window. Here, click Import CSV to upload multiple users to implement the batch migration at once. However, if single details are added, then clicking the Connect button will right away perform the migration process.

Step 9. Check the live progress and track the ongoing migration report.

Step 10. The entire procedure will successfully end with a pop-up “Process Completed Successfully”. Click on OK and go to provided Office 365 profile to check the output. 

Why to use CubexSoft Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool?

  • It is desktop based application which supports all version of Windows such as 10, 8, 7, 8.1, vista etc.
  • It allow user to move multiple Zimbra files to Office 365 account in one time processing. This feature is very useful as it save lots of time and finish the conversion process in few seconds.
  • The software move all Zimbra database to Office 365 account including contacts, briefcase, calendars etc. 
  • Zimbra to Office 365 Tool preserves the folder structure and transfer Zimbra database to Office 365 account in same folder hierarchy as it is before. 
  • Through Software preview mode user can double check the database before transferring them into Office 365 account. 
  • Zimbra to Office 365 Converter provide backup summary in the end of the conversion process which can be saved for future use.


The purpose of the blog post is to offer a reliable and secure method to safely and directly import TGZ file to Office 365. The CubexSoft Zimbra Converter is a perfect utility that takes care of user’s environment and makes sure to deliver the desired and accurate output in minimum time. However, the app is available with a freeware version with the help of users can perform the migration for free. It also allows to import first 25 files from TGZ folder to Office 365 free of cost.

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