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Android already offers a simple, yet fully functional solution to make certain folders and files accessible through a file manager application. There are several reasons to keep certain documents on your Android device private. The ability to stop apps like WhatsApp or other applications from showing them up when you’re looking to share an item is one, especially since we’re often having online meetings right now and this could mean sharing your screen to show items to your co-workers.

No matter the reason, it’s simple to hide the folders or files on any Android device. It does not require additional applications and it takes only about a minute to finish. It’s also easy to make the files appear again. Follow the below methods to hide files on Android.

How Can I Hide Specific Documents on Android?

If you just wish to conceal a single file or just a few options, you can accomplish this easily. Open your personal device, launch the file manager application (this is typically referred to as “Files” on regular Android). Choose the storage medium that is usually internal Storage or File SD Card and then go to the file or files that you wish to conceal.

Hold the file for few seconds until the options show up as in the menu. Select three dots located in the upper right-hand corner, then click Rename. The only thing you have to do is add the full stop (or punctuation mark for us American users) at the start of the file’s name. After you’ve done that then click Rename and you’ll notice that the file is gone off the screen.

This basically informs Android to ignore this folder and to never go inside it. It is only the file manager and certain applications for the system that is aware of the existence of this folder. The files that are hidden within the folder won’t be visible in Gallery applications such as multimedia players, email clients, office editors, and so on.

It’s not a problem, it’s there, but it’s hidden from people to see. It’s possible to repeat the procedure with the number of files you’d like, knowing they will not be damaged; however, they will be hidden from anyone who is using your smartphone or other applications that have access to your files.

How Can I Hide Folders on Android?

The method for hiding folders is similar to that the process for just individual files. Make sure that you’ve got all your files stored in the folder. Then, follow the steps described in the previous section. This time, change the name of the folder instead of the file.

A file that is placed inside a folder can hide the entire media file (pictures and videos) inside and will block any program that attempts to interface with them and protects it from malware without the help of any security app like Avast Android mobile security. It is important to note that only a file manager that is able to create new files, like ES File Manager would work to accomplish this.

Be sure to enable viewing of hidden files as well as folders in the file manager you use in order to be able to access the newly hidden files if you don’t. In reality, the most difficult part of the process is finding a reliable file manager.

How to Find Hidden Folders and Files on Android?

The folders or files are hidden. This is great but you’re not able to view them This isn’t a good thing. It’s a simple solution, however. All you have to do is launch the file manager application and click the three dots on the upper right corner. Then choose Settings. From there, scroll down until you see that you can select the Show Hidden system files option and then switch on the option.

When you go into the directory that holds the files that are hidden, or the directory, they should be in the upper right corner, with a slight greying out to signal their status as hidden. It is important to note that the files will only show up within the file manager application which means they do not appear on other apps like WhatsApp or the camera roll of WhatsApp or in your camera roll until the time you name them again, taking out any full stop (period) from the beginning of their file names.


Though your phone is a personal possession of yours it is often necessary to share it with your family, friends, or even a stranger due to various reasons. If someone is curious about your phone or you and wants to know more about it, they are likely to search for all the information within it. It is therefore essential to keep your files and folders hidden that you don’t want to share with other people.

By following the given solutions you’ll be able to shield your information from other people and ensure your privacy. 

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