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Podcast reviews are one way to see how your listeners think about your podcast. Podcast reviews are like movie or theater reviews, and are rated from 1 to 5 stars to reflect the reviewer’s opinion. It is a common way to get feedback from your listeners through podcast reviews. Having an array of five-star reviews can be an incentive for first-time listeners to subscribe to your show and become regular listeners. 

It’s like getting a virtual pat on the back when listeners leave a positive review. Reviews provide social proof, and new listeners may decide whether or not to listen based on what others have said about you in reviews. They show that your podcast has an engaged and loyal following. It can be difficult to get podcast reviews, but the value they add is more than worth the effort.

Why are podcast reviews important?

  • Hundreds or thousands of reviews on a podcast give people the sense that they are missing out on a super popular and mainstream show, which may entice them to give your podcast a listen. 
  • Reviews can also be a great source for feedback and ideas to improve your show and an effective marketing tool for your social media. 
  • Sharing your reviews on your social media puts your podcast in people’s minds and makes them curious to listen. 
  • It’s encouraging and motivating when listeners get what you are seeking to do. It’s an initial boost to get you motivated to create more content.

 Read on for 6 tips on how you can get more Podcast reviews.

 Add a call to action

Regularly ask for reviews at the end of every episode in your podcast. Asking for a review at the end of your episode is the best place to do it. Explain to listeners how important reviews are to your show and why they are required. As your followers enjoy listening to you and have formed a personal bond with you, they will naturally want to help you.

Remove Obstacles

Some people in your community may not know how to leave a review. People are sometimes confused by the process of leaving a review, so try to remove as much as possible. This is why make a quick tutorial showing your audience how to find your podcast and how to leave a review. You can share a little tutorial on social media or send it directly to your fans. You can also spend some time on an episode talking to them about the steps of leaving a review and removing any confusion.

Ask people directly to review your podcast

This is a fun way to interact with your audience and get more podcast reviews. For this, you can send a direct message on your social media or send a quick email to your email subscribers asking them to take a few minutes to review your podcast. When you ask people directly and explain how important is for you and your show, they will feel more compelled to do so. Something fun you can do is ask your social media channels who is a regular listener of your podcast. Then you can send a private voice or video message to whoever answers and personally thank them and ask them to support the podcast by leaving a review. 

Run a review contest

Contests are most effective if you have large listeners for your podcast. You can run a review contest. As a result, this is where you provide a simple incentive. So you can say at the end of the episode, Hey guys we are going to pick one lucky reviewer and they are going to get a podcast t-shirt or anything else for their reviews. For more cost-effectiveness, you get to pick a future episode topic for the podcast. So this is how you can get more reviews for your podcast. You can also offer giveaways, raffles, discounts on your services or products in exchange for reviews.  Consider which price would catch the audience’s interest. If you choose a winner on a weekly or monthly basis, this could be a way for you to get new reviews on a regular basis. 

Readout reviews or post reviews on Social media 

It’s a really cool way to get people to leave a review, but it also builds some really great community around the podcast. People are really encouraged to leave reviews especially with the hope of getting on the podcast and having their reviews read. Imagine if your favorite podcast’s host reads your review in one of their episodes, or even better, your review is displayed on their social media. As a human, we love to be acknowledged and be seen by people we admire and follow. So make it a regular practice to give the spotlight to your listeners and share their reviews. This will encourage those listeners who may need a little incentive. This is a wonderful way to appreciate listeners who have already left a review and to encourage others to do the same.  

Ask on Social Media

If you have an active and engaged following on social media, use these platforms to encourage reviews. You can use Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram posts or hop on Instagram stories and ask people to review your podcast.  Whether it’s as part of your post for each episode drop or as a solo asks. You could even make a short video or audio clip describing why they are significant and what they represent for the discoverability of your podcast. You need to encourage and facilitate how your audience can support you.  

Last but not least, create a podcast that people will enjoy enough to review. Start with the technical issue; if you get it wrong, this will be the most obvious and immediate cause of unhappiness. So it’s important to sound professional. You can use a White Label podcast editing services to edit your podcasts and give them higher production value. Finally, make your content interesting to attract more listeners.


Getting more podcast reviews entails attracting more listeners to your podcast so, encourage them to leave reviews using some or all of the ideas listed above.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.