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8 + Significant Steps You Must Know to Boost Your ADHD Child’s Homework Independence

8 + Significant Steps You Must Know to Boost Your ADHD Child’s Homework Independence

“I need cpm homework help. It is completely impossible to do this on my own. Can you come here and assist me?”

For numerous ADHD households, this was the alarming siren song of remote learning or online learning. Amidst the situation of the deathly COVID-19 pandemic, distance learning and online education have become the new norm. To maintain social distancing, adults are working from home, kids are participating in online classes from their bedroom, and a well-worn groove is traveling from one space to another.

As a consequence, parents have become on-call tutors, and countless kids- without or especially with ADHD- are suffering tremendous setbacks in their independence and problem-solving skills.

Completing homework when you have ADHD can be quite exasperating and painful.  Further, the weakness in executive functioning skills- like cognitive flexibility, organization, and planning-usually leave ADHD students overwhelmed during the best of times. Additionally, in the course of remote learning, these vital skills rarely get the workout they require.

This comprehensive blog post is for all those worried parents out there who are facing innumerable challenges to establish a sense of independence in their children. With these golden ADD/ADHD strategies, your child can learn how to do their homework alone with utmost concentration and thereby achieve ultimate success in the classroom.

●      Create Realistic ‘To-Do’ Lists

According to a survey, it was seen that the US citizens reported the most dependency on to-do lists worldwide, with more than three-quarters (76%) of respondents presently maintaining at least one list. Most adults we have seen create a daily to-do list of one type or another, including us. So, why must the not make use of it?

We recommend teaching your kids to write out their day’s schoolwork in a comprehensive list form, crossing out each task as they are completed. While some kids may enjoy using a notepad or a whiteboard for list-making, numerous teenagers may prefer the incredible Stickie Note function on their laptops. It is completely okay to leave the choice up to them.

●      Create A Consistent Homework Schedule

It is significant for kids with ADD/AHD to have a consistent routine for every day. This will help your kids start his/her homework and concentrate in the most remarkable ways possible. Set a specific time each day for your child to sit down and complete his/her work successfully.

●      Work In Spurts

ADHD and ADD can make it extremely difficult for students to concentrate, so taking breaks is a must. Encourage your children to study in short spurts. Give them regular breaks from homework for a snack or walk. Let them refresh and reset! This will provide your child with a brilliant opportunity to burn off the extra energy and improve concentration when he/she returns.

●      Ensure They Read All Assignments Before Delving Deep

Like putting together IKEA furniture without reading the handbook diligently possible, so does completing the assignments without previewing the directions can prove to be a complete recipe for disaster. In the words of the best minds associated with impeccable assignment help services, previewing the assignments closely enable students to predict whether they will need help with their papers. It also helps them in clarifying important doubts before they plunge deep in.

If you have a kid who is quick to say, “I can’t make head or the tail of this topic,” then it is vital to teach them to read the information twice. Ensure they underline key words in the process. Doing this will help them retain important information before they seek guidance.

●      Comprehend How Your Child Learns

Regardless of whether it is kinesthetic, auditory, or visual, knowing how your child learns is significant. Each child is unique and learns in his/her distinct way. Studying in a way that works for him/her can help them improve their understanding and retention in the best possible ways.

●      Schedule Specific ‘Help’ Times For Which You Are Available

Before your kids start and when they are nearly done, try bookending your child’s work time with support. Then, make it a point to nudge them towards independence in between. If they feel clueless of about how to do a math problem or can’t figure out how to solve a question on the Chemistry worksheet, ask your kid to star or circle the problem. They can continue working. Once they are done with the work they can do on their own, have them circle back and work on the overly complicated works again. Only after that, try to help them out.

●      Set Limits And Encourage Risk-Taking

Understandably this is the toughest skill to instill. However, this is also one of the most rewarding areas for growth in kids. The main key is to begin small. If your child is used to calling for help only a couple of minutes after sitting down, encourage them to solve five math problems or Chemistry equations for 15 minutes before they ask for help.

Nevertheless, make sure to fit the work/time requirement that best suits the child’s temperament and the task at hand. 

●      Form Remarkable Peer Support

“Ask three, then me”- You must have heard most educators saying this. If you can, let your kid decide upon two or three friendly peers in each class who could reliably answer questions about schoolwork. Try to ensure yourself the kids your child choose are responsible, serious about school, and willing to share their information. Then, encourage creating a network of study buddies to whom he/she can go with their doubts before they seek assistance from you or educators.

●      Formulate Incentives And Rewards Program

For most of us, bad habits are hard to break, and good skills become challenging to acquire without incentives. As acquiring new study skills required repeated practice, keeping kids on target becomes vital. Try setting up daily, weekly, or even monthly rewards that can go a long way. You, along with your child,  brainstorm lucrative rewards that will help them push through the overly complicated task of learning new strategies.

Begin rewarding them with small things for daily successes- like extra screen time or a favorite snack. Once kids start feeling successful with these new skills and absorb them into daily routine, numerous rewards can be phased out as the internal reward of self-satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

Finally, remember that developing self-confidence goes a long way towards fostering success and self-efficacy in a child. Frequently, remind your child of how much you trust in them to be an independent learner. Compliment them on the hard work they have accomplished during this challenging time. Be sure to teach them just one or two strategies at a time. Here’s wishing greater independence and confidence in your child for ultimate academic success!

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AnneP Gill is a reputed psychologist who enjoys writing compelling blogs and intriguing posts. A proud member of, she is famous for bringing smiles to the face of numerous students with her quality assignment help services. When she is not writing, she can be found playing with her dogs or planning her next vacation with her best friend, Michael.

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