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If you’re learning how to fix a Mac starting from scratch, we’re back to you. Most of us believe that our Mac, iPhone or iPad only works. So, when things go incorrect like the Mac doesn’t twitch. Fortunately, there is almost nothing that can go wrong that hasn’t gone wrong for many others at other times in the past, which in most cases is going to solve this problem.

Especially when you use your Mac or MacBook for productivity or creative work, it needs to be at the forefront of any work we need. So, knowing how to fix a Mac, especially without the help of an expert who will charge you hundreds of dollars, is a skill that will work and save you some money.

We are here for this. If you refuse to start or boot your Mac, you can collect some common solutions. Obviously, there will be some extreme events that will require your professional help and lots of authorized service centres are ready and able to deliver it, as well as genius bars in Apple stores. But most of time it is a common problem.

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What does it mean – Mac folder with question mark?

If your Mac starts with a question mark in a Mac folder, it could mean one of two things: (1) Your start-up disk is no longer working because either you used your Mac from a another disk before or your hard drive has started Drive failed, or (2) no operating system installed.

It’s a scary thing to have your Mac just looking for a hard folder with your question mark on a solid black background. However, don’t worry. There is no way to get your Mac back to the same way until it is a hard drive that stops working completely.

Step 1: Hold down the power button for 10 seconds to turn off your Mac.

Step 2: Turn on your Mac, and hold down the command (+) + and it will lead you to MacOS recovery.

Step 3: Select Disk Utility, continue and look for your startup disk in the sidebar.

Step 4: Click “First Aid” and press Run. This will prompt your Mac to detect errors and correct them.

If the disk utility is not found or cannot repair all the errors, you may need to reformat the disk, restore the macus, or restore the backup using a time machine.

Though, if you can’t make this enhancement because Disk Utility isn’t just watching at your start-up disk, you can go to a Mac expert to save it.

TheMac does not start, but remains fixed on a blue or gray screen

When you boot your Mac constantly occurs due to peripherals on the blue or gray screen. Disconnect everything except the Mac Power Off Power and keyboard and mouse (if external) and restart now.

If the Mac starts normally, it is a peripheral problem. To find out what’s wrong, start one by one and start each one until the problem starts.

Find out the culprit name, Google problem and what others have done to fix it once you find the peripheral. If Mac does not boot with all external devices, try to boot into safe mode by pressing shift key while restarting.

Sometimes by doing this the problem starts again. If it does not, boot the recovery partition and follow the steps in the problem above.

Understand startup tone

You need to hear a melody when you turn on your Mac. The type of tune can vary depending on what problems your Mac is having, so these are a great way to find out what is stopping your Mac from starting properly.

Repeats a vowel every five seconds

This means there is no RAM installed on the Mac, so install some!

Repeat in a loop with three continuous tones and five second pauses

This means that RAM has failed to verify any integrity; Change it

A long tune while holding the power button

The EFI ROM update continues on pre-2012 Macs.

Three long vowels, three short vowels and then three more long vowels

Mac EFI ROM is in recovery mode.

What to do if your Mac doesn’t start

First check that the Mac is connected to the power supply and the power cable is safe. You should then check that the power socket is on and working. (Check it out with a lamp!)

Next, remove the possibility that this is a performance issue. Have a startup chat? Can you hear the fan? Is sleep burning? Does the cap light go off when you press it? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it could be a problem with the display.

If it is an external monitor, check its connection. If this is correct, try connecting a different display. If all these questions

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