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How to Download Private Video from Facebook?

How to Download Private Video from Facebook?

We all know about the popularity of Facebook, everyone is addicted to it and spends most of their time on it doing various activities. This social media platform ruling the internet since 2004, no other platform manages to move Facebook from its place. 

There is so much to do on Facebook, users can spend their entire day without getting bored. Sharing pics and watching videos and chatting with families and friends are a few of the things that users can do on Facebook. Apart from these, users can play online games as Facebook has huge collections of interesting games. 

Videos are in trends now, not just watching but making and sharing them on various platforms common things for users. Thus, Facebook knows what its users want, in results it includes various features related to videos such as live streaming, video chat, and many more. Facebook is giving tough competition to the Google-owned YouTube (largest video search engine in the world). 

However, uploading the video on Facebook is a cake-walk but downloading any video might be a complex task for many. You will get various content while googling about how to download videos from Facebook but most of them failed to give a real solution. Here in this piece of content we are sharing the tried and tested methods to download Facebook video on PC or mobile or any other device. 

What is Facebook?

It’s quite impossible to find a person who doesn’t know about Facebook. Yet, for online users, we will briefly describe what is Facebook in the underneath section. 

Facebook is an online social media platform where users can create an account and access the platform using a login id and password. Users can chat with other Facebook users and share their photos, videos, can play online games, and many more. In simple words, it’s an online world where you can roam by creating an account on it. 

How to Download Private Videos from Facebook?

Facebook videos can be downloaded with a few third-party videos downloading websites, but downloading private videos on Facebook might be a difficult task. Because they are equipped with a security feature of Facebook that makes them private from the public. However, it is not impossible to get those videos on your mobile or computer hard disk. All it needs is a few basic steps to download private Facebook videos. 

Download with FBDown

FBDown is the basic website to download Facebook videos. But very few users know that FBDown has multiple tools to download the FB videos. One for public videos and the second is for private Facebook videos. Have a look at the underneath steps to download videos. 

  • Go to by clicking the link.
  • Now open Facebook on a new tab using your username and password. Go to the page where the video is available.
  • While using Windows, press Ctrl + U. In the case of Mac, press Command + Option + U. These shortcuts will open the web page’s source code.
  • Next copy the source code in the box on
  • Click Download.

Video Downloader PLUS

If you are not fond of using a website for downloading Facebook videos, FBDown makes it easy for you by creating a chrome web application name Video Downloader Plus. You can simply install it and get the videos anytime. 


If the above-given options didn’t work out for your FBDownloader would be the best way to download private Facebook videos. It gives the same functions just copy the URL from the source code and paste it into the box and click on the Download button. 

To know more details about facebook. So, you can approach here.

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