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For a website that deals with e-commerce, the checkout process is one of the most important steps that  demands significant time and efforts. Its salience can be inferred from the study which reported that  seven out of ten visitors choose to leave the site without actually shopping. A checkout process that  demands too much customer efforts would only discourage them from proceeding further. The success  of an ecommerce website development strategy lies in maximizing conversion rates and in minimizing the  abandonment that happens at this point.

The blog intends to present tips, tricks and tactics to minimize the number of steps in the process, and to  simplify it to the customer. This may serve as your complete checklist before web design and launch, and  a playbook to building problem-free eCommerce Checkout process. 

Minimize the information that you seek from the customer

Amidst the hustle-bustles of today’s life, customers tend to abandon websites that require too much  effort and consume too much time. Once the customer has moved on to checkout, your aim should be to  motivate them to complete the shopping process. Do not ask them to log in or fill in registration forms  that require too many details to conclude the shopping.

Build trust and credibility throughout

Make sure that you integrate the further processes in checkout with your website instead of moving the  process to a third-party e-commerce website. Moving the customer from one site to the other leads to  loss in trust and credibility. Also include logos of credit cards and other factors that add credibility to your  website. Cloudi5 Technologies is a leading web design company, with experience of designing and  developing websites for a wide spectrum of industrial applications. As we build a website, we make sure  that the trust factor in carried over in almost all the pages, by curating and positioning the features  carefully. 

Maintain transparency and do not throw surprise costs

It’s better to be transparent about the information on delivery time, availability of the item and the  additional costs and taxes. Include a shipping cost calculator in the previous pages, or in the review page,  apart from displaying the flat rate that is inclusive of all additional costs. This would improve the  transparency and credibility in the minds of the customer. 

Facilitate quick error fixing

The best web design benefits are hugely immense. Because the aim of the checkout process in an  ecommerce website is to equip customer’s complete purchase seamlessly, it is important to help them  sort out errors, if they may occur in the process. Ensure that along with the error notification, you include  details and ways of fixing them, so as to motivate them to complete the checkout process. This otherwise  is tedious, cumbersome and annoy the user. 

Provide offers, incentives and other customized deals

Offering customized deals, rewards, coupons, cash backs, and other promotions at the check out are  proven to increase the conversion rates. Such offers and rewards motivate customers to go ahead with  checkout and to complete the shopping process.

Keep a track of data and other essential metrics 

An incomplete order or a form at the checkout is a powerful sign that the customer is interested in the  purchase of your product. There are chances that the purchasing experience of the customer was  interrupted by a problems and irregularities in network, computer or in the website, that is temporary.  This wouldn’t have diminished the shopping interest of the customer, and so it is important to collect and  keep a track of their data. With the data that is gleaned, the sales team can make follow-on and help the  user with a seamless shopping user. This could also be useful in understanding data about the attribute  that actually hampered the user from concluding the shopping. By doing so, can fix the technical glitches  or any other challenges that deserve immediate attention.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.