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In a perfect situation, you would acquire 100% for all your answers in a test. You would be a student so genius who gets straight A’s every time and never goes below a 4.0 GPA. But, unfortunately, you end up making some bad decisions, skipping a few classes, forgetting a couple of revision sessions, and here you are with a grade as bad as C or D. Before you delve into negative thoughts that life has nothing for you anymore, let’s explore 5 stages of how to cope with bad academic grades and understand how you can utilize them as a motivation for your next exam.

5 Stages Of How To Cope With Bad Academic Reputation

Your first bad grade must be an extreme shock for your mental and academic system. You must have processed through five emotions until at last, you ended up accepting everything and let life go on. Below you will find an overview of emotions that you will come across. These moods are normal and you need not be alarmed while coming across them or the normal mood swings.


At first, the immense feeling of unacceptance will hit you. You will not believe that it’s you who has made so many mistakes in an “oh so simple” test. You will be dead sure that you have done more than half of the paper right. And due to that reason, you must be expecting a good grade. You may think about the possibility that there must be some mistake that occurred while checking. Well, there is no need to worry at all. Just go straight, take a nap, and sort out the things peacefully, later.


There is a 0 percent chance that you have made mistakes. So many that you deserve an A? The teacher must be searching for you to question it all. You may think that it’s the professor’s fault that he has not taught you everything that was necessary to acquire good marks. And you may get the feeling that it is all unfair to you and you should not be paying the price for a teacher’s unprofessional teaching.


A thought of “there must be something that can still be done” must be there. You will think that maybe putting in some extra effort will be a help in increasing your academic score. Extra credit is available in all courses; all you have to do is persuade your professor that you deserve a second opportunity. You may have sent a dozen emails to your TA and teacher to obtain the necessary information; you are so anxious to get things done that you have sent a dozen emails to them.


You will not be able to graduate with the rest of your class fellows. You’ll be cut off from your parents, and you’ll never be able to find work that pays more than minimum wage. Your life has come to an end, and all you can do now is cry in the shower while drinking yourself to death.


Alright, this is just one bad grade. There is still time for improvement. You can work better next time to secure a better grade to elevate your overall GPA. Although your close ones, family, and friends will be disappointed, it’s alright, everybody comes across this stage of having low grades at one time or the other.  One D is not something that can ruin your record completely, and there is still a chance to construct your academic reputation to appear in a reputable job interview.

5 Ways Of How You Can Utilize Your Bad Grades

Learn To Be Real In Life

Even if you are used to getting a straight-A student in high school, you can’t expect to receive it every time. Academic expectations are substantially higher in college, so you’ll have to work much more to achieve excellent grades. Aside from that, S is mediocre, B is acceptable, and A is outstanding. So, if you got a C, consider whether or not that was your best work. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself for being average, use this time to study and revise more. That way, you’ll know whether to expect a V or an A the next time.

Learn To Take Responsibility

Consider receiving a poor grade as one of the many life lessons you came to college to learn. Your adult life will be full of disappointments and difficulties, and it’s time to learn how to cope with them like a responsible adult rather than a whiny child. Rather than criticizing your professor for not providing enough content during lectures or your friends for inviting you out when you should have been studying, consider what you could have done differently. Perhaps you were too busy during office hours to seek guidance from your professor, or perhaps your revision tactics should be improved. When you take responsibility for your bad grades, the chances of getting them decreases.

Look Around For Help

Many students are not confident enough to admit that they require more help and support from their teachers as compared to other students. They are embarrassed to ask what appear to be silly inquiries because they do not want to look foolish. Knowing when to ask for help, on the other hand, is another sign of maturity. Don’t be afraid of your professors; they’re only human, and the majority of them want you to succeed. When you ask for assistance, they will gladly assist you or at the very least point you on the proper path. Furthermore, your questions may prompt them to alter their teaching approaches in order to avoid future student concerns. So, rather than viewing consulting your instructor as a flaw, consider it an opportunity to demonstrate your interest in the subject and to assist future students in gaining a greater understanding of the subject.

Open The Doors For Motivation

The possibility of a bright future in a penthouse with a seven-figure annual salary isn’t always enough to inspire pupils. In most cases, short-term pleasure takes precedence over long-term benefits. As a result, a poor grade can serve as a much-needed wake-up call to refocus your priorities. Place the evidence of your terrible grades on a refrigerator door or a whiteboard where you will see it every day. You won’t be able to go on a bar crawl the next time you have to study for a test because you got a 40 percent on a quiz. Allow this minor setback to spur you on to become a greater version of yourself.

Think About What Is More To Come

Once you have received your exam mark sheet, there is no benefit in asking teachers for the last chance. Instead, think about this experience the next time you’re worried about your grade. Approach your instructor about additional credit early in the semester to discover the policies and use that information to tip the scales in your favor by finals week. You won’t have to worry about your success strategy at the conclusion of the semester if you plan ahead. It’s also a good idea to go over your prior study habits and replace them with more effective ones. After all, insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


We hope the tips we have included in this article will help you get out of the unhappy episode of bad academic scores and turn it into a life lesson of putting in efforts when there is still time. Remember, you can utilize a best cheap essay writing service as a helping hand in order to get better grades. Wishing you an academic reputation that secures a job in a go!

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