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Ever wonder how to clean your blinds? Did you know there is little difference between deep cleaning and maintenance clean methods? You can clean your blinds using the same 4 tools- even if they are faux wood blinds, mini blinds, plantation shutters or Venetian blinds.

The question is how do you clean your blinds? Well, there are a couple of different questions about blinds that I would like to discuss in detail.

There is a deep cleaning for blinds, and then there is a maintenance cleaning for blinds. Now, when you first get a house cleaning task, or if you are a homeowner that has not cleaned your blinds in a long time, you are going to do a one-time deep clean. After the deep clean, it’s maintenance clean, and the secret to the maintenance clean is that you do it often.

So, if you have a biweekly customer and you are going to the customer’s house biweekly, you are going to clean those blinds every single time and they are maintained. They look nice. They look fabulous, and there is no more deep cleaning.

Isn’t that awesome?! So, here, we are going to use four tools to get the blinds clean, and this is for a deep clean and maintained clean.

4 Tools for Blinds Cleaning

So, the first one we have is Krud Kutter. Krud Kutter is a degreaser. This is a safer choice for the environment and Earth-friendly product, and it is a degreaser that’s going to take off all the bacon grease and nicotine and all the gunk that’s built up on your blinds. And what we are going to spray it on is a white terrycloth, so this is super easy. We know on the internet there are lots of choices. People use socks. They use these like little cloth things for the blinds cleaning but you don’t need all that stuff. And then for your maintenance clean, just a Swiffer duster. That’s all we are going to use.

And then if there is something really hard to get off, we will use OXO deep cleaning brush a kind of scrape it off. So that’s it! These four tools are all we are going to need.

How to Maintain Wood Blinds

All right, between us, there are wood blinds, and the wood blinds tend to kind of warp with the weather. They expand and contract, and so lots of people have gone to the fake wood blinds. Now, if you have the little tiny, mini-metal blinds, our recommendation is you are a professional house cleaner, is that you recommend to your customer that they hire a professional blind cleaner.

The reason being is the blind cleaners have these great big trucks, and they have a great big wall where they can hang up blinds on the outside of the truck. And then they can scrub them down and they can hose them down with their special chemicals, and they can let them dry.

Whereas with the regular house cleaners, we probably showed up in a car or something. We don’t have any place to hang them up, and then because they are metal and they bend easy, oftentimes we bend those and then they break, and we have to replace them.

So, our recommendation is don’t offer to do mini-blinds if you don’t know how to do it. They are almost as much money to buy a new set as it is to have them professionally cleaned. So, if you are a homeowner, you may just want to go buy a new set or hire a professional blind cleaner.

Now the fake wood blinds are super easy. So the first thing you want to do is to get a step tool that has one or two steps and pull that up next to the window so you can reach the top of the window. The first thing I would like to do is take my Swiffer duster and go over the top ledge where the transom is, and then go down the sides of the window. Once you have done that, take your fingers and rum them along the slats of the blind.

If it’s just light dust, use your Swiffer duster then there is no need of bringing out the gear. But if there is gunk and it’s really hard to get off, we need to do Krud Kutter to spray some on your towel. Just start from the top and bring slowly down to the bottom. Now, turn your blinds in an upward fashion and start cleaning with Krud Kutter from the bottom to the top like go in the grain of the blinds.

It’s time to dry your blinds, and you will find no spots, no dust, no gunk and there is nothing!

Blinds Maintenance

Now, when your blind is clean, the maintenance version of this is the same, only you will leave the Krud Kutter and terrycloth. When cleaning next time, you will need a Swiffer duster. Again, repeat the one or two steps ladder and start from the top to bottom.

Steps keep in Mind during Dusting Blinds

  1. Skip all the wiping down part
  2. Clean your blinds with a duster
  3. Start from the one side such as from right to left and vice versa
  4. Close the blinds
  5. Let them dry

If you are still confused and worry about blinds cleaning and maintenance. There are lots of Blinds Cleaning Companies out there near you. You can search them online, or ask relatives, and friends. They will clean and maintain your blinds of any type and in any condition.

By Anurag Rathod

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