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There are people who have been driving cars for many years, but they do not know how to choose tires. Meanwhile, understanding and knowing how to choose car tires will save you money and ensure the longevity and durability of your car. Therefore, you should not ignore the knowledge of choosing the right car tires.

No matter how carefully you ride, the tire is still the part that is most susceptible to wear because it is constantly in direct contact with the road surface. Buying tires is not a regular need but plays a very important role. Because if you do not have basic knowledge, buying the wrong quality tires will lead to many dangers, even affecting the car and life.

Did you know that terrain has a great influence and is also one of the many direct causes of reducing the life of car tires? Therefore, one of the first rules when choosing tires is based on the conditions of use. 

If you often run on the highway, choose tires with the minimum braking distance on both smooth and dry roads. Tires must have low noise and vibration to provide comfort to the occupants of the vehicle. But if you only travel on city roads, the tires need to have high durability, small braking distances, long surface contact and withstand sliding pressure. Note that you must also make sure the traction of the tires is in good condition. 

In case the vehicle is traveling on complex terrain such as a sandy surface, it is advisable to deflate the tires to increase the contact area. This will help the car’s tires grip better. For muddy terrain, choose a type with a large tread plate. This is a special tire for running on mud. 

Choose car tires that have the ability to operate smoothly

Wide tires have the ability to increase traction for the vehicle. However, their disadvantage is that the friction surface is large, so it often produces a rubbery sound that hits the road surface and enters the cockpit causing discomfort. Therefore, for those who do not like noise, choose tires with as small width as possible. 

The smaller the rim, the less noise it makes. Therefore, you will find the car with 16-inch rims is smoother than 18-inch rims. The cause lies in the thickness of the tire. The thicker the tire, the greater the amount of rubber hitting the road surface, resulting in reduced noise. A set of rims can fit many different tire sizes in width. For example, a sedan with 16-inch rims can fit 195, 205, 215 tires. In some cases, 225 tires can be installed.

Choose car tires by size

 When driving, you need to know the size of the tires you are using. The easiest way to replace a new tire with an old tire size is to rely on the parameters given by the manufacturer. Note that you must not arbitrarily change the tire size because there will be effects. The best way is to consult the specifications and recommendations from the manufacturer. If you are more careful, you can consult with experienced professionals or sales support people. This helps you avoid damage to the vehicle. 

Choose car tires with the right speed ratio and load level

 The speed ​​ratio is important when you want to choose the right tires. What you need to do is look at the surface of the side of the tire and you will see a series of letters lying along such as H, T, V, W, Y, Z… This sequence of letters specifies each speed level at which the tire is allowed to reach the maximum speed. Specifically:

• H: 240km/h.

• T: 200km/h.

• V, W, Y, and Z: 239 – 299 km/h.

However, you need to know that tires that operate at higher speeds will have a shorter lifespan. Therefore, when choosing tires, you should refer to this alphabetical sequence. 

Pay attention to tire characteristics

Each different car model or brand will have its own suitable type of tire because it depends on the advantages and disadvantages and features. What type of tire to buy, how the features depend on your needs. However, the following characteristics are what you need to pay attention to: 

• Tires need to have fuel-saving features and safe use even when punctured.

• Tire load can be fully loaded.

• The stopping distance of the vehicle when the brake is applied.

The lifespan of car tires

When choosing car tires, one of the most important things is longevity. Often car owners can only estimate tire life through tread wear, tread wear or the feeling of wobbling when driving…. 

Manufacturers often recommend that the best time to change a new tire is when the vehicle has traveled more than 50,000km. But this is only theoretical advice. In fact, tire life will vary because of many factors: weather, altitude or terrain of each area. Besides, information about the production date printed on the tire is also related to the service life. Remember not to use manufactured car tires for too long. The most suitable production term is less than 1 year. 

Top 3 car tire brands with the best quality

In addition to the factors just shared, you can choose car tires based on brand. Here are 3 famous car tire brands for their quality and are chosen by many people. 

Michelin car tires

When it comes to famous car tire brands around the world, Michelin is always at the top. This tire company from France is too familiar to consumers. So why is Michelin so famous?

Michelin tires have many outstanding features such as high durability and safety with long service life. In addition, the tire wall is designed to reduce rolling resistance, so it helps to save fuel. The advantage of Michelin tires compared to many other brands on the market is the ability to quickly drain water, limit slipping on rainy or wet roads. 

The downside of Michelin tires is that they are much more expensive than other brands. However, with the advantages that Michelin tires have, such a high price is worth it. Famous car manufacturers such as Honda and BMW also love Michelin tires, especially their famous F1 models. In the US, there are many popular Michelin tire codes such as Primacy 3ST, Energy XM2…

Accelera Tires

Accelera Tires is a brand of affordable, high-performance, and conventional tires produced by the Indonesian tire manufacturer Eptyres. Made of high quality and eco-friendly materials, Accelera tires are used by motorists all over the world who want both safety and luxury from their tires. You can read more about Accelera Tires in this article from injoyreview.com to understand who is Accelera Tires and should you buy this tire or not: Accelera Tires review.

Bridgestone car tires 

Bridgestone car tires are in the top 3 brands with the leading sales volume in the market. This Japanese car tire company is very famous in the world and is also used by Toyota models such as Innova, Fortuner. F1 racing also uses Bridgestone car tires.

Bridgestone car tires have a wide range of products and meet the needs of users. Specifically, the size and design of the tire grooves help increase traction and reduce friction, so the car goes quickly and is suitable for many terrains. Bridgestone also applies many advanced techniques such as eco-friendly tire technology, run-flat tear-free tires, etc.

Users increasingly trust and prefer Bridgestone car tires. Their advantage is that they are suitable for the climate of Asia, and the price is cheap (lower than Michelin). However, the disadvantage of Bridgestone tires is that the service life is not as high.

Goodyear car tires

Goodyear car tire brand from the US. Goodyear is considered to be at the forefront of tire technology innovation. Goodyear tires are also exclusive to NASCAR racing. 

The advantage of Goodyear tires is the ability to grip on slippery roads very well, high durability, optimize braking and help save fuel. Especially high quality but the price of Goodyear tires are also very reasonable. Because of this, the market share of Goodyear tires is quite large. The popular Goodyear tire codes in some countries today are E.LS2000 HB2, E.NCT5 and Ducaro GA.

For those who are using cars, taking care of tires is very important. The above sharing will help you have more tips to choose good quality tires that are suitable for use. In addition, these top 3 famous tire brands are all guaranteed for quality and are used by many people. It is important that your needs and financial conditions choose the right car tires. 

By Anurag Rathod

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