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When even the bed has Organic Material

You all must know the current condition of our planet, climate change has become a disaster today, unwanted floods, rains, droughts, forest fires are all the effects of climate change.

But is climate change natural or manmade? It all because of human beings, increasing greed for money, growth, power, fame in human beings have damaged biodiversity, marine life, animal species, etc. This increasing greed in humans has taken away the life of other creatures on this blue planet earth. Time to think has gone and only time for action is left.

There is an urgent need to live an organic lifestyle so that humans, as well as other creatures and our nature, can live in harmony with one another. If you want to do this start buying organic products today. You can start with organic cotton throw pillows

Organic cotton throw pillows are made from organic cotton, which is cultivated throw organic farming. Organic farming is a type of farming that is environment or planet-friendly. This type of farming is also called zero-budget farming, which means farmers don’t have to spend any money on chemicals and fertilizers.

The organic cotton throw pillows are chemical-free and are comes in the category of eco-friendly products. So, if you buy an organic cotton throw pillow today for your bedroom then praise yourself for that as you are indirectly promoting organic farming and contributing to a healthier planet.

Organic Cotton throw pillows are one type of eco-friendly product, you can add many to your list. Avoiding plastic bags and choosing and purchasing organic jute bags, purchasing bamboo plates and straws rather than plastic plates and straws, etc. 

Organic fabrics farming can be a game-changer:

The organic farming of fabrics that are used in the textile can be a big contributor to making our planet green. As the textile industry today is the second-largest water polluting industry, the need for organic dyes and fabrics has become a need of the hour. Organic fabrics are grown through organic farming’s which does not require any type of harmful pesticides and chemicals.

This helps in keeping the soil healthy and increases its nutritional value, hence good quality crops grow in the soil. The harmful chemicals which reach the soil during inorganic farming seep through the soil and reach the groundwater from there they reach a river and finally end up in the ocean, killing lots of marine life and destroying the marine healthy ecosystem.

With seafood, this chemical reaches to human and make them ill. With organic farming, this whole big process stops and everyone is fully safe. There are many humble people today who are doing great for making our planet healthier but still there are many who still do not have to choose the right path.

The main factor for this gap is the lack of awareness among people, as living an organic lifestyle is not for only one country people responsibility, it is the responsibility of the world, whole people who are living on the blue planet earth. Some have understood but some gas not, the day when all understand that will be the biggest day for our planet.

Also, there is one more reason for this gap and that is putting the responsibility on the government shoulders, people think that they have elected the government now their government is responsible for all fallouts but this is not right any type of change will come from two-way partition and not from on way partition, people should realize that their participation is very important.

Last but not least lack of coordination among people is also one factor for this gap. People who are aware don’t want to make others aware as they think that is not their duty and that’s why many not able to connect to an organic lifestyle.


Living a planet-friendly life is the need of the hour, time to think is over and time to act is now. So don’t think too much as too much thing is also a waste of time. Connect with nature, be organic and use eco-friendly products, you can start with an organic cotton throw pillow and make your sleep organic with eco-friendly products.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.