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Studies show that till the middle-age, only around 75% of men have some extent of noticeable hair on their head. Not just men, but data shows that women also suffer from the problem of hair loss. That is the reason a lot of people keep searching for hair loss solutions on the internet. For that concern, you will need to search for a good hair transplant surgeon that can treat you as per your expectations.

However, when you look for a good hair transplant surgeon, you may end up draining your bank account, getting worse results at all. Here is a piece of great advice, however. During the last few decades, there have been considerable improvements in hair transplant procedures and technologies. That means patients have way to treatments that provide amazing and natural results.

Treatments without surgery for hair loss

Let’s talk about some of the facts before diving deep into the topic. If you are suffering from strong hair loss, then specialty shampoos, additions, and other products may not help you with that. The reason behind that is once you have started balding in several spaces, the hair follicles of those specific hairs will become inert and will cease growing hair completely.

Supporting the facts, there are medications and treatments used for providing outstanding results if you use them at the beginning of hair loss. Medicines can reduce light hair loss, often by improving hair growth in enclosing follicles that are not yet inert.

Can supplements Help in Treating Hair Loss?

There are dozens of dietary supplements and vitamins sold for operating hair loss. However, a hair transplant surgeon would warn that there have been no medical studies that show that these types of supplements can treat hair loss. But if you have just started experiencing hair loss, then chances are that you can get some benefit from these types of products and supplements. For this concern, you need to have a proper medical guidance of a good hair transplant surgeon in order to get the best results.

FUT vs. FUE hair restoration

There are two ways to carry out a hair transplant. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). A hair transplant surgeon will choose the best option for you depending on your individual needs and hair structure.

The FUT method of hair transplantation is done by using a strip of skin with hair follicles from the donor place (most often the back of your head). At the back of the head, the hair is fuller and suffers from very little balding. A little group of tissue that has hair follicles is isolated and prepared for transplantation from the skin. During this time, tiny holes are created in the recipient site where you are undergoing thinning of hair. The grafts are placed into the prepared holes thereafter.

The FUE method of hair transplantation was introduced as a means to produce the same effects of FUT with a few disadvantages. It is similar to that of FUT as individual hair is collected and implemented. Similar to FUT, FUE requires harvesting of hair follicles from a donor site like the back of the head and implanting them to the bald portions. It helps to create a natural and fuller look for hair. Contrary to FUT, the FUE method doesn’t include removing a strip of tissue from the donor areas. However, hair follicles are taken directly from the head and then implanted to the site directly. This method is preferred by most hair transplant surgeons as it produces less scarring and pain.

Consult to an Experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon

If you face any questions about hair loss and its treatments, you can consult a good and experienced hair transplant surgeon as he is the one that knows it all. You will have to speak it all to the doctor before the condition get worse. There are two main reasons why you should consult a good doctor. The first reason is that he will tell you some of the precautions to take to prevent further hair loss. The second reason being clear, he will guide you whether you should go for a particular treatment or is it just a waste of money. 


Here is the takeaway: avoid falling into money-wasting traps and false treatment for hair restoration. Instead, ask an experienced hair transplant surgeon about the right type of treatment for your hair loss. The need for treatment of each type of treatment is different, and it depends on certain factors. Make sure to follow the right precautions and instructions.

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