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Making a choice on which flowers to give your families and friends on various occasions is always a task for many people. The pressure in knowing which flowers are suitable for what occasions and at what time of the year. Many people always choose exotic flowers from different flower companies and request their deliveries. Exotic flowers such as lilies can adapt anywhere in any season, so many people use them regularly.

People can use the flower delivery Cyprus to receive fresh and attractive flowers to gift their loved ones on specific occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduation, thanksgiving, e.t.c. This article will help you have the tips to choose the flowers for various occasions through considering the factors for any occasion and which type of flowers suits which occasion.

Factors determining the type of flower to use for different occasions

1.The nature of the occasion

Before deciding on which flower to give a person, you should know the nature or type of the occasion, whether it involves happiness or sorrow or not. Knowing the nature of the occasion will help you choose the right flower for it.

2. The meaning of the flower

Different exotic flowers have different hidden meanings. They have various ways to communicate despite their appearance. You should know the meaning of the flower you want to gift someone. Some flowers such as red roses symbolize love and therefore are suitable for occasions like wedding ceremonies.

3. The flower color

Knowing the flower color will also help in choosing the right flower for a specific occasion. For example, on occasions such as a funeral, the most suitable color is always white.

4. The recipient’s taste

You should know the recipient’s favorite color for them to have a smile on their face when you give them the flowers. You can take your time to study them deeply for you to know what they like or prefer.

5. The time of the occasion

Occasions like birthdays always have different flowers designed for different months. Before deciding on which flower to give your loved one, you should know which day or month the occasion is to take place and have pro[per plans for flower delivery Cyprus.

Here are some of the occasions and the right flowers to use.

1.Birthday occasions

One can choose to surprise his or her loved one at a birthday party by giving them flowers. It would be best if you used flowers that symbolize a happy life and celebration. The most considered exotic flowers for birthday celebrations are carnations for January, daisies for April, Roses for June, e.t.c.

2. Funeral occasions

It is always vital to comfort people who have lost their loved ones using flowers. On a funeral occasion, you should choose the best flower and color to gift your loved ones. There are various colors that you can use depending on the message you want to convey. 

The white colors always signify purity and innocence, red color symbolizes love and care, the pink color is for memories, yellow for friendship, e.t.c. The most common flowers you can use are white lilies, orchids, and daisies.

3. Wedding occasions

The best gift from flower delivery Cyprus to gift a couple in a wedding ceremony is the flowering cactus and red roses. They symbolize eternal love and peace. You can choose the best color for the couples if you know their taste and preference.

4. Newborn babies’ occasions

One can choose to put a smile on a mother’s face by bringing her a flower as a gift of congratulation. It would help if you used exotic flowers that symbolize prosperity, good health, and a newborn’s happiness. You can order peonies from flower delivery Cyprus to surprise your loved one on this special occasion.

5. Get well soon occasions

When your loved one is sick, it is always good to visit them, whether in hospitals or at their homes, to show them that you love and care both in good health or sickness. You can carry flowers like sunflowers to give them hope and strength to overcome the illness.

6. Valentine’s day occasions

Valentine’s day is a day that people make their loved ones unique by showing them care differently. You can use gifts in terms of flowers to make your partner feel respected and honored.

The flower to use is the pink and red roses that symbolize romance and love between two people. It would help if you made good plans for flower delivery in Cyprus before the actual date.

7. Mother’s day occasions

You can choose to acknowledge, show love and appreciation to your mom on mother’s day using flowers. The best flowers to use on this special day are gerbera, lilies, chrysanthemums, e.t.c.


People use different exotic flowers to convey different messages on various occasions. If choosing the right flower for a particular occasion is challenging, you can seek advice from the florists to choose for your loved ones.

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