Avoid Common Web Design Mistakes

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You need a professional website to help you foster clients relationships, establish credibility, and gain new customers. However, without the support of expert web designers, it might be challenging to pull a professional-looking website design. 

Before you start building your website, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What will be my website maintenance cost?
  • Who are my clients or target customers?
  • Do I know how to drive traffic to the website? 
  • What are the goals of my website?
  • How often can you update your website?

Many people might find a website attractive. However, it does not mean that there are no flaws in the web design.

Growing businesses do not want to fall victim to experiencing web design mistakes before they launch their brands online. They need to keep tracking efficiency and stay productive to make an impact. So they hire professional website designers. But how do you know that your expensive website has some web design mistakes? 

If you have a functional website, you can look out for the following mistakes:

Absence of Call to Action Clarity

If you own a business website without using a clear call to action, it can affect your productivity and efficiency. Many people come online for information and leave immediately after they fulfill their purpose from a website.

A call to action prompts your visitors to help you achieve more as a brand. The user experience comes in the following way:

  • The place you are heading to
  • The feeling you get
  • The things you want to do

An exceptional call to action (CTA) encourages visitors to take action when they visit your website. CTA is often attached to a button or link. 

This should come with an actionable phrase for taking action on your website. Web owners should have a clear language that visitors must understand. You can get creative and end up with the wrong CTA. This means that you should keep your brand’s call to action succinct. 

A good website’s CTA should consist of any of the following:

  • Get Started
  • Sign Me Up
  • Add to Cart
  • Contact Us Today
  • Buy Now

The list continues. You should find a customized CTA that can suit your brand. 

Not Cross Browser Compatibility

Web design allows you to showcase your content, and you must develop it iteratively. First, you should make sure that your site is cross-browser compatible. Second, it is best to have sophisticated analytics tools to understand how your visitors use your website. With analytics, you can find broken links on your site. If you cannot carry out this test, you can employ any web designer companies online. They help you discover the challenges your users face while using your site.

The data they obtain from your site helps in improving the overall functionality of your website. Therefore, testing your website is essential if you want to avoid mistakes in your web design. You can use usability testing, cross-browser testing, A/B testing, and others to figure out the issues. These tests employ different methods on a site.

Amateur developers wrongly believe that a redesigned site handles browser compatibility. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong in your site when they abandon the cross-browser testing. 

Irrelevant or Poorly Designed Images

Graphics and images are essential aspects of web design. The images you use on your website should tell your message to visitors. When you have poorly or irrelevant images, they can get your readers confused. Unfortunately, many business owners do not pay attention to the images they use.

When you have low-quality images, it can affect your conversion rate. You should not leave your website cluttered with numerous photos. When you have more images on your site, it often takes away the power of CTA. You can check your competitors’ websites to find out what they did right. This can help you improve your website. 

No 404 Page Design 

You have made a huge mistake if you don’t have a dedicated, custom design for the 404 page. Every website needs a custom 404 page to keep its visitors informed that something went wrong. In addition, some websites add fun 404 pages to keep their readers busy until the problem is found and fixed. This is one of the ways to handle 404 errors.

Whether accidentally or intentionally, you may delete a page or post from the website. In such cases, you may need to remove all the links pointing towards that page. Unfortunately, when you have numerous broken links, it affects your reputation online. In addition, it affects your SEO ranking online. You can design a customized 404-page to suit your brand. 


In this article, we listed a few common web design mistakes. Unfortunately, many website owners are not aware of the errors on their websites. However, you can quickly rectify them if you pay a little more attention. 

To ensure that you have a functional and effective website, consult a team of professional web designers to analyze your site. 

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