How should I cover the whole syllabus of UPSC?

UPSC CSC is one of the toughest examinations in India. It needs dedication, hard work and Patience  from the aspirants. The syllabus of UPSC is vast and you need to cover the whole syllabus for better preparation. There are many ways to prepare for the examination but whatever you choose, work on it wisely. UPSC is not a joyride, it’s a long journey. UPSC is a three level exam – Prelims, Mains and Interview. You don’t need to panic, just think about the limited available time. Don’t think about the vast syllabus, make a strategy to complete it in the remaining time.

Here, in the article we will discuss how an aspirant can cover the whole syllabus within the remaining time limit.

Good knowledge about syllabus 

The syllabus of Civil Service Examination is vast. It can make aspirants confused sometimes. If you want to prepare excellently for the exam, you need to study the syllabus first. Without understanding the syllabus, you can not prepare well. UPSC Syllabus gives you the knowledge about the UPSC exam pattern. After understanding the syllabus you can make a strategy to read and revise the prescribed subjects as many times as possible or till you feel confident about your preparation.

Choose reliable sources

There are many available sources for preparation. It’s important to choose a reliable source for study.  The information you get from books or newspapers is a crucial step in UPSC preparation. You must be intelligent enough to use the information in the best way. The Internet is the best way to stay updated. It helps to know whatever is happening around. The usability of the Internet is the most important thing that aspirants should use for making their preparation useful.

Use limited study material

Although there are many sources of study available.  Sometimes studying with too many resources can confuse you. So, always choose reliable but limited study material. There are many books for UPSC examination preparation. You have to choose reliable and limited sources. After choosing the study material, make a strategy and clear the basics first then move to other study material.

Make a suitable time-table

Making a time-table is very important when you want to cover the whole syllabus. Time-table helps you to organize subjects for better study. You can study all the subjects if you manage the time-table well. 7 to 8 hours of study is required for preparation. You should give more time to the subjects which are new to you and less time to the subjects which you have knowledge about. Without making a time-table it will become confusing to study.

Make your own notes

It is very helpful to prepare short notes during exam preparation. The UPSC syllabus is very vast, if you prepare self made notes it helps you to keep important topics up to date. Self-made notes are also very important for revision. You can make separate notebooks for separate subjects. It will save your time and you can easily find the particular topic which you want to revise. Self made notes are helpful in the case of adding current affairs-related news to a particular topic.

Give priority to toughest subjects

There are many subjects in UPSC which we have not studied before. Those subjects need more study. We should give priorities to the toughest subjects first. When we have no background about the subject, the first thing you need to follow when you start a subject with no previous background is to clear the basics. Understanding the basics is important for preparing the subject. NCERT books help to clear the basics of the subject.

Join a coaching if necessary

Self study is always a better option but when anyone finds difficulties in studies they should join a Best IAS Coaching in Delhi without wasting the time.  Coaching classes have a schedule of completing syllabus on time. They follow a unique methodology which helps aspirants to cover the whole syllabus on time.

Go through previous year question papers

If you want to know the exam pattern and the important questions which repeat every year then you should go through the previous year question papers. Previous year question papers help candidates to score well in examinations. Candidates who want to achieve their goal, should work hard and practice through previous year question papers. Solving the previous year question paper will give you a clear idea about the pattern of questions asked. You can find out which areas are important by solving previous year question papers.

Answer writing practice

Practice for answer writing is a very important part of preparation for the UPSC exam.  As much as you practice, more the chance to crack UPSC exam will be there. To clear the UPSC exam, deep consistent study and practice is much needed. If Your writing skills impress during the exam then there are better chances to clear the UPSC exam.

Focus on your reading skills

Reading habits are always beneficial to raise knowledge but maybe you don’t know that reading carefully and focusing on content writing style would definitely help to improve your rank. Daily reading relevant magazines and newspapers surely help aspirants to sharpen their writing skills and they can cover the syllabus within time.

 Always do things according to how much time you have. You don’t have time to waste. So, manage your time and try to cover the whole syllabus.