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Technology has penetrated every aspect of our lives today.  Now more than ever, people are leaning towards upgrading their technological knowledge as well as bring in more technical inputs into their day-to-day lives. Naturally, the tech events have become the norm these days. 

As opposed to lectures where interactions are strictly one-way, these tech events are mostly interactive that strive to inspire and motivate. 

Now planning a successful tech event happens to be a daunting task. But with the right knowledge you will be able to pull off something that is not just enjoyable but also successful. 

With the technological events, the organiser does not just have to consider all the tasks involved with the regular events, but they also have to take into account the needs of those who are going to use projectors, computers and networks and any other type of technology during that period. 

This goes without saying that the planning should be done months in advance and there should be a clear-cut budget right from the beginning. 

Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind for designing tech-events. Take a look. 

Know Your Audiences –

Just focussing on the experience of the attendees won’t take you far. There are severel attendees that you need to take care of. Keep in mind – 

  1. Speakers can speak altruistically, for their own interest or for that of the company’s. 
  2. Attendees usually opine that they come for fun, great content, some amount of networking and also to get inspired. 
  3. Sponsors and vendors usually desire to attract the relevant and potential buyers. 
  4. Organizers attempt to bring together the sponsors as well as the attendees. The organizers can just be a group of people who are interested in promoting technology or a community or it can be a company that makes business from running the events. 

Though it seems obvious to state but frequently the event organizers end up ignoring the needs of one of the audiences mentioned above. You must cater to the requirements of every section. You should also not forget the requirements of the local community like the hotels and restaurants. A well-balanced event is a conscious choice to mix the needs and interests of all the audiences as much as possible. 

  • Learn from Others and Take Inspirations from Different Industries – Most often we try to reverse engineer a particular tech event that has succeeded. But this often acts as a distraction and you can end up being a copycat. So it is always advisable that you keep an eye on the successful events across the industries. It is a much better option to pinch ideas from them as the chances of being similar is minimal. For ideas you can browse through the social media using event hashtags. You can first have a look at the photos and if something interests you should start browsing through them. 
  • Reserve the Venue and Arrange for Proper Food and Lodging – The venue of the event should be reserved in advance. Though you can just estimate the number of attendees attending, you should choose a venue that is large enough to accommodate the extra attendees. You should also take into account the food and check whether the event organiser will be providing the food or if it has to be catered. Those with special dietary needs should also be taken into account. You should also include plenty of beverages like coffee, water and tea during the event. You must also plan for the out-of-station attendees. Visit local hotels for discounted rates. If possible try to offer out-of-station attendees several choices of locations.
  • Plan and Market in Advance – You should always plan your tech event in advance. Not planning and announcing things in advance can create issues. You have to again consider the attendees here. If you do not make them aware and book them in advance as you should know that- 
  1. Speakers are committing to other events and their calendars can get filled up
  2. Sponsors are also undergoing the same experience
  3. Those of the sponsors, attendees and speakers who are not committing to others can face problems in arranging the travel and booking needs, covering for the family needs and so on. 

That is why you should opt for appropriate marketing and promotional techniques months ahead of the event and make more and more people aware of your event. You should also opt for booking the venue, speakers, sponsors, vendors etc. Use all kind of social media channels, email subscriptions and even local press releases to spread the news about your tech event.

  • Use Various Formats – Your tech event must use a variety of formats and topics. Just talking about the future and going esoteric won’t assist your attendees. They also need pragmatic tips that they can use every day and those which will generate real-time support. You should also include topics that will provoke discussion and inspire people. Workshops where delegates can take part and try various techniques or tools whilst teaming up with other attendees is also capable of boosting the ticket sales. 
  • Socialise and Create One-to-One Impact – In order to make your event unmissable, it is a must that you create a lot of buzz with your marketing efforts mentioned previously, you should also think about after-parties that are a rave now. They provide massive brand loyalty building opportunity and your attendees can network through these in an ambience that is relaxed. Another great way of creating a solid brand image is to giveaway the products that will pique the interest of the target audience. Selfie-sticks, USB pens, car chargers are quite popular gifts in the technological domain. In short you have to be savvy with the marketing and invest in the right way for maximum impact on your audience. 

These are just of the things suggested by the experts of reputed event organisation company who have designed many successful tech events till now and know exactly what needs to be done for organising a successful one. 

You should follow all these and then opt for your own innovative inputs to make your tech event stand out and remain etched in the memories of your audience for a long time to come. 

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