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How Gamified Virtual Training Can Benefit Companies

How Gamified Virtual Training Can Benefit Companies

Introduction to Gamification

Gamification was a word unknown earlier but recently has gained a lot of popularity in the digital world. Its importance has grown over time as a vast number of fields are making effective use of its implementation. From academics to entrepreneurship, gamification is playing an essential role, particularly when it comes to virtual training programs.

Let us now understand where the concept of gamification came from. It is basically deploying game designing elements ad principles in non-game contexts. The main objective of gamification is to increase engagement, loyalty and participation of the audiences. When game elements are integrated into platforms like web pages and social media, it automatically makes it look more appealing and ignites interest in the individuals.

Recently, reported by professionals from online assignment help, a language software program named Rosetta Stone integrated the idea of gamification into its online courses, which not only built customer engagement but also proved to be a great source of learning. With that, learning the language became far more easy and effective. Even big companies are now adding gamification in their recruitment procedures, ultimately taking testing methods to a whole new level. 

Perhaps this data-driven technique, when used in non-game contexts, has allowed businesses to earn more value and indulgence.

How Gamification is an Effective Technique

With the benefits that ensue, businesses nowadays are incorporating gamification in their training programs as well. Training no more involves being directed by a person all the time; in fact, it is more like playing a game. Just like the mechanism of any game, where the player is being challenged at every point; in gamified training, an individual gets the chance to think out of the box and explore new ways. Simultaneously individuals are also being trained on how to tackle a variety of scenarios. 

The best part about including this new idea into processes is that it makes everything a lot more fun. This means that individuals enjoy it more and become extra productive. In other words, the overall results of engagement are improved. As said by many influencers, you can only be great at things you love. For instance, someone who is passionate about law writing can assist students through dissertation help and also get the rewards for it.

Research and extensive studies on factors affecting learning have proved that this advanced method of learning is far more effective than any other that exists. One major reason behind the effectiveness is that, since games are computer-generated, there is a time constraint individuals have to deal with as they play it. It puts pressure on their brains which ultimately makes them prioritize their gamified training and give in their best to obtain better results. It ensures that they devote their time entirely to the exciting training, making most of the opportunity at hand.

Instead of spending time in other games like Need for Speed or GTAs, individuals can invest their time and cognition in gamified learning opportunities to grasp new skills, having entertainment side by side. It allows pupils to attain vital information and also enjoy their work by this playful technique.

Moreover, one big advantage of gamification is that it relaxes the individual’s mind with all the creativity and attractive features it gets developed with. Its features also include rewards and achievements, which has a positive psychological effect on the human mind. This, in turn, develops a sense of encouragement in the individual, ultimately advocating improved performance.

Perhaps, integration of this concept in training programs has been far more interesting and fun than the traditional methods of developing new skills.

Things you should know about Gamification

The idea of training programs has existed for a long. The main objective behind these is to instill new skills in the company employees so that they can become more versatile and perform their duties more effectively. These programs are also conducted in order to inform the workers about the company’s policies and altered procedures. But earlier as we know, teaching employees new skills was only possible through conventional methods that required the trainer’s and the trainees’ physical presence so that the ideas could be communicated.

Though many times companies were able to achieve their business goals through these sessions, there was a significant disadvantage they were neglecting. It was not only exhausting for the volunteering teams to arrange successful events like these but also quite costly. Considering the advancement in technology, it did not seem very wise to spend a big chunk on these training sessions when existing alternative methods could be adopted.

As a result, the majority of the businesses started making use of online training sessions by uploading tutorials and informative videos on their portals. Though they were able to reduce the overall costs, the results were not worth it. Most of the time, it was noted that since the employees were not directed or supervised by any individual, they would usually skip these for how boring they got. Employee engagement with these training videos was significantly reduced and thus, the outcomes were not favorable

With the existence of games, people thought of using the game mechanism in their training programs. Everything becomes more interesting when it challenges the human mind. It was no surprise that the integration of gamification attracted the users greatly.

The Considerable Benefits Associated with Gamified Virtual Training

The most convincing factor of gamification is that it is cost-effective. Companies do not have to pay an individual extra amount to conduct these sessions; in fact, they can simply ask their development teams to develop virtual sessions in the form of games. It is a fact that visuals can make pupils stay awake better than audio sources can. Gamifying will keep the employees hooked with the variety of visuals and appealing graphics and keep them from falling asleep. Moreover, employees can manage their work hours more efficiently as they will not be bounded by traditional training sessions that occur at fixed times. They can plan it out and take these gamified sessions at times that suit best without disrupting the workflow. It gives them some sort of freedom and independence.

The second most dominant advantage is efficiency. Of course, there is a cost associated with everything; turning training programs into games may be a bit expensive initially, but later the payback compensates it like no other. Instructor-based live training programs will cost the company each time they need it to be conducted. While comparing it to the advanced method, there is a one-time cost that has to be incurred by the entity. In other words, the gamified programs can be used all year round repeatedly. Every time a new employee joins in, the company will not have to go through the hassle of arranging an entire session for them. They can simply share the virtual game with them and they are good to go. All in all, this technique improves training’s efficacy.

Gamification naturally builds curiosity in individuals and pushes them to take the challenges. Apart from that, it helps the employers learn better about the individual through their performance in the game. They get to know about their strengths and weaknesses.

Thirdly, the new method has been found to improve teamwork among employees. Employee collaboration plays an essential role in the growth of the venture. Teams with a diversity of ideas and skills can perform way better than any individual can alone, no matter how skilled and experienced. Developers might as well aim to build multiplayer games in which two or more employees can partake at the same time. This will allow them to exchange ideas and eventually come up with incredible solutions.

Lastly, it is motivation. Gamification encourages the workers to attend more virtual training sessions and garner advanced skills to give in their best. It is also the sense of achievement they get when they complete their gaming sessions and earn rewards based on their performances.


It has been seen many times; workers do not feel enthusiastic about attending workplace training sessions and often perceive it as a sleeping session with open eyes. But there is always another way to make things work; it is all about being creative and thinking out of the box. Businesses should incorporate technology where needed to boost the overall performance of the venture. It is a psychological fact that humans try to give in their best when they are in a competitive environment and are faced with timely obstacles.

Considering all the benefits associated with gamified training sessions, it can be said that companies must take this approach to teach new skills to the employees in the most effective manner. It will not only be a cost-effective project developing the game but also be highly efficient in making the employees perform better. In turn, not only will the individuals benefit by gaining experience and learning, but the company will flourish too.

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