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Start-ups require special attention as they enter an already volatile market. Whether it is about smooth operations or proper funding, nothing matches the power of modern technological advancements. Many start-ups shy from these inventions due to their costly maintenance and highly skilled labor requirements. One such tool that can help start-ups bloom is electronic signatures.

Benefits of using eSignatures in your Start-up:

Technology never fails when it comes to helping business operations. The significant benefits of using electronic signatures in any start-up include:

Simplified Signing Process

The e-signature simplifies the signing process for any start-up. Whether you’re finalizing on the vendors or signing some contracts, easy to use. It is easy for different operations or finance teams to learn about electronic signatures and incorporate them into their day-to-day activities. It is easy to upload and share documents..

Improved Security and Safety

Security and safety are the second most important benefits of eSignatures. The papers can be stolen, misplaced, or damaged due to multiple reasons. It uses specific protocols to manage your documents and improve security while sending or receiving them. It adds authenticity and credibility to any paper that is hard to obtain with a physical document. Thus, using eSignatures, start-ups and eliminate the primary security threats in their paperwork.

Quick Decision Implementation

Waiting for the stakeholders to sign a document and present it to the decision-makers is one of the main challenges of any start-up. The extended time in the signing and approval process delays the decision-making that is not good for any organization. Thus, to quickly implement decisions and prevent any backlogs, it is profitable for start-ups to switch to esign.

esignature eliminates the loss of time that occurs during the physical signing and approval process. All stakeholders quickly sign the documents using e signature and can facilitate decision making. A correct decision at the right time helps improve the functioning of startups.

Great Client Satisfaction

eSign allows the customers to sign from anywhere at any time and to use any smart device. Thus, it becomes easy for start-ups to streamline their services and to ensure high customer satisfaction levels. Start-ups can earn the appreciation of their clients by switching to e-signature and eliminating the physical signatures.

Ease of Work

Digitization tends to simplify the working of organizations. The start-ups can leverage the potential of eSignatures to sign and authenticate any documents globally. There is no need to scan or mail the papers as it can only be achieved using the eSignatures. Hence, the startups can work across the countries efficiently and can aim for easy and simplified operations.

Eliminates Paperwork

No company wants to have piles of paperwork. The e-signature eliminates the requirements of storage space to manage the paperwork. Start-ups operating from remote locations may find it challenging to handle the paperwork. 

Electronic signature apps like GoSigner provide great options to digitally store the documents eliminating the storage requirements. Thus, start-ups can quickly eliminate all paperwork by incorporating eSignatures.

Saves Time

Time is precious for start-ups. No company, whether new or already established, can afford to lose time in paperwork. There are multiple parties involved in any decision-making. These increased parties cause a delay in the authentication. The eSignatures help start-ups save their valuable time. It is easy to sign documents without worrying about the physical distance between different parties. Like a stitch in time, saves nine, It can help start-ups save multiple useful working hours.

Saves Environment

All companies are stressing corporate social responsibilities. It becomes difficult for start-ups to manage their CSR initiatives as they are new in the industry. Using eSignatures can help save the environment as it directly eliminates the requirements of the paper.

Start-ups can contribute their part in saving the environment by switching to paperless operations. This is possible with the electronic signature that keeps all significant documents digitally. Start-ups can reduce their paper consumption and help to reduce the stress on the environment.

Saves Money

Funds management can be complex with start-ups. Starting from fundraising to their judicious use, start-ups need to be alert at all times. Thus, eliminating the physical signing and introducing the eSignatures can help start-ups save thousands of dollars annually. The money saved from copying, printing, or Xeroxing the documents can be very well used in other channels. 

To conclude:

It is excellent to include the electronic signature in your start-up’s day-to-day operations. It will help you serve your customers better while keeping your workloads in paperless mode. Nothing matches the efficiency and accuracy of the electronic signature in managing different contracts or agreements. The e-signature is great for any start-up that wants to keep its business on track amid challenging times of the covid-19 pandemic.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.