epoxy garage floors

Take a minute to look at the ground in your business shop, garage, or automotive showroom. Is the floor unattractive, dirty & stained? Have you installed Concrete garage floors? If yes, then one is likely able to tell its age by simply looking at its surface.

 Concrete garage floors lose their bright shine over the years, and cracks, discolourations start appearing. Furthermore, the floor suffers heavy damage from chips, road debris, & motor oil leak blemish that comes through heavy use. The simplest method to include that sparkle back on your garage ground, whether it is  a private or commercially used space, is by efficiently upgrading your flooring system with an exterior that’s aesthetically satisfying, simple to clean, durable, and robust.

An efficiently formulated epoxy coating will turn  your grim space into an expert-looking area and provides you with a floor that’s very tough, strong & long-lasting. Here are some of the main benefits of epoxy garage floors that are detailed for the better understanding of the readers. 

Some major benefits of installing epoxy garage floors.

  1. Clean and even surface– This kind of flooring does not have joints that are found in tiles. So you don’t have to be concerned regarding dirt or bacteria caking in the seams. You also don’t have to hassle over maintaining its novelty by frequently buffing & waxing the exterior.
  1. Durable– epoxy garage floors, when made right, are long-lasting, resistant to chemicals & standing water (which is remarkably significant in industrial facilities), crack-proof, unlike ceramic flooring, & are simple to clean. Even if there is a spill, they don’t soak into the surface and effortlessly be wiped away.
  1. Scratch-resistant– In garages,  scratch is common problem in flooring however, once epoxy garage floor is installed you can  be worry free about the scratches on your garage floor.
  1. Reasonably priced: Moreover, it’s a myth that efficiently installed epoxy garage flooring is priced exorbitantly high. Most experts will provide you with a reasonable quote and a warranty. Plus, the excellence of work will constantly be superior to what you will get by upgrading your flooring on your own.

5.      Resurfacing qualities – For business floors marked, cracked, or damaged, an epoxy coating is an excellent method to repair your existing base. As they are self-levelling, epoxy coatings bring an even, polished finish that will cover up some marks & damages on your floor. 

6.      Unlimited designs – Epoxy coatings are best for existing & novel garage floors. With practically endless designs, you can personalize your room with every pattern or color you’d like. We can even include your custom logo for a space that’s branded and specialized. 

7.      Quick installation – Epoxy flooring is fast and straightforward to set up, so you won’t have to shut down your manufacture for setting up. You can go about your everyday routines as usual. 

Why don’t go for DIY?

Bubbles, blisters & band bonding: These are side-effects of terrible preparation and application, which frequently occurs when one tries using DIY kits.

• Bubbling- happens when air gets stuck under the epoxy layer due to the coat being exposed to sunshine or if it’s applied in a cold room.

• Weak bonding- can affect cracking & peeling. It only occurs if the coating is not made properly.  Floors are not cleaned before installing it.

Thus it is always preferred that you don’t go for DIY instead always hire a proper contractor to install you epoxy garage floors. Else you won’t get proper results and soon again your garage floor will require  flooring.

These were some of the major benefits of installing epoxy garage floors. However, you must hire professionals to get this work done to avoid subsequent bloopers that DIY might entail.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.