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When it comes to designing or redesigning a bathroom, there are only two factors that limit your creativity: your budget and the space you have available. The most popular current trends for a modern bathroom are:

Small bathtubs

They save space, have a double functionality and are ideal for small bathrooms; sometimes bathtubs areruled  out entirely before being considered.

Large shower stalls

Walk-in showers are among the most popular; tiled surfaces are gradually disappearing more and more and, in their place, wooden floors are gaining more prominence thanks to the innovation and technology behind them and, if you are not sure about using a wooden floor, there are numerous alternatives they have the same appearance as wood.

Harmonious lighting concept

With the help of LED lighting.

Underfloor heating

The imagination has no limits when it comes to your dream bathroom: add underfloor heating in your bathroom so that your feet are always warm.

What are the most popular bathroom styles?

Remember that you have complete freedom to choose your style when designing your dream bathroom! The most important thing is that all the elements you have chosen for your new bathroom fit together and create a coherent and beautiful overall image. So that you can be inspired, we have compiled some ideas for you by bringing together the most popular styles in the bathroom.

The classic modern bathroom

The classic style is discreet and is characterized by its straight and defined contours. The color tones that surround it are the muted tones of white, cream, gray or brown along with the tiles and the slabs in large formats. The large mirrors on the wall and the innovative LED lighting concept support the modernity factor. They are also often combined with wood and glossy surfaces. Minimalism is also included in the decoration.

The country house style

The farmhouse-style bathroom focuses on comfort and warm colors and natural materials are often used. The use of wood in the bathroom is essential to get the perfect country style look either as a simple decoration element or as a countertop for your bathroom.

The sea bath

The maritime-style bathroom creates a fresh atmosphere. Light wood furniture and tiled walls in shades of white, blue or green have a calming effect. Bath mats in shades of brown and beige and decorative elements such as sand, shells or rope knots are essential for this style.

Oriental style bathroom

The oriental-style bathroom is capable of transporting you to another world. It is supported by warm colors and fine decorations with small distinctive features. The wooden furniture can also include some decorations and the wall and floor tiles coexist perfectly with the light ocher or sand tones. As decoration, velvet and silk curtains and metal filigree accessories usually stand out. Adding round furniture in turquoise blue, emerald green or ruby ​​red completes the oriental style in the bathroom.

How can you design a dream bathroom in a small bathroom or with steep angles?

Do you have a small bathroom? Nothing happens! With the right design and optimal planning, a small bathroom can easily accommodate a multitude of things with the help of a few tips and tricks.

In a small bathroom, you always have to pay attention to one thing above the others: brightness. White colors for the walls as well as white or cream tiles give a feeling of spaciousness in the bathroom.

Large-format tiles also create a sense of calm and partial tiling also makes the bathroom appear larger. Tile rails offer the possibility to add individual accents in your bathroom. Pay special attention to the uniform design of the floor and walls as they also contribute to the visual maximization of the bathroom.

For a small bathroom, it is best to opt for a fully tiled walk-in shower with a glass partition that visually expands the room. Don’t want to do without a bathtub in your bathroom? Small bathtubs make this possible as they offer enough space to take a shower and tend to narrow at the feet to gain space. Corner bathtubs are also advantageous for small bathrooms as they manage to optimally fill all corners of the bathroom.

The sink should also take up little space; therefore, shallow sinks are a good option as they preserve the full size of the room. Narrow towel radiators are perfect both for your towels and for heating a small bathroom and for extra storage space.

A key and extra storage space that has to be added in a small bathroom is a cabinet with a mirror above the sink and a set of bathroom cabinets adding different supports such as for hair dryers or toothbrushes. The best thing for a small bathroom is to choose a large mirror that reflects the entire bathroom. If your small bathroom does not have windows, a coherent lighting concept such as adding ceiling lamps or LED spotlights is essential.

Planning today for the future

In general, a well-planned and designed bathroom takes into account your needs for tomorrow and the future. One of the most important developments in the bathroom world in recent years is the growing trend towards barrier-free and barrier-free bathrooms. This means, among many other things, being able to enter your walk-in shower without problems with doors wide enough to move easily or to enter with a wheelchair or walker if necessary. Of course, it is important to only decline to this option if you are sure that it will be totally useful to you now or in the future.

By Anurag Rathod

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