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How Do I Decide Between Window Replacement and Repair?

How Do I Decide Between Window Replacement and Repair?

The question that most people can’t decide on the answer to especially if the damage to the window is not too much. You might use logic to reason and conclude that repair is the best option to save money but have you looked at the bigger picture? What future implications could arise due to this indecision on your part?

Below are factors to consider knowing whether your windows need replacement or repair. Remember to always consult a professional when repairing or replacing.

Expired lifespan

Most windows have a lifespan of ten to fifteen years. If this time has already lapsed, you should consider a replacement because sooner or later you will experience problems with them.

This lifespan is not set in stone. It is dependent on several factors. The material that was used and the physical conditions of the window have been exposed over the years. They could to a certain extent shorten its lifespan.

Single glazed

Windows that were installed years ago are single-glazed. Double-glazing is the preferred choice nowadays, involving the installation of two window panes as opposed to the traditional one pane.

It is very beneficial because your home is kept warm during winter and cool during summer, helping you lower your energy bills. Double glazing also reduces the amount of noise entering your home. Consider replacing your single-glazed window to enjoy these benefits.

Windows won’t lock

This is a definite indicator that they need replacement. Home security is a big issue nowadays and this should be urgent. While it is possible to repair only the lock without replacing the windows, there are instances where the whole window needs to be replaced due to a faulty lock.

Fog on windows

Foggy windows have been caused by water condensing inside of your windowpane. Modern double-pane or triple-pane windows are sealed and permanent thus preventing the formation of fog.

It is not a pleasant thing to always have to wipe the fog off your windows when you want to look outside.

Windows won’t open

In this case, do a checkup before jumping to a conclusion that the window needs repair. If the crank is creaking or the sash is sticking then it means your window is dirty. Remove the accumulated dirt.

However, if after these clean-up attempts the issue is not resolved, a replacement is the solution.

Broken panes

Apart from letting your interior cool and heating out, they can be a hazard as snakes or rodents might sneak in. A tiny break or crack may require you to only repair that particular pane.

Sometimes, considering how the window is glazed, the entire sash or unit could be replaced.

Whatever your repair or replacement needs are, we have a team of professionals at your service. We use special technology to ensure they last up to 20 years. What’s more? We do not sell dull and outdated windows. We lead in setting trends for modern and beautifully finished windows.

Now that you know whether to repair or replace, get a professional from our team and watch as we transform your windows.

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