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Which is best – Hotstar VIP vs Hotstar Premium US?

There is no wrong or right answer to present this. If you are looking to look at only Sports content, then, by all means, choose Hotstar VIP.

All the live online sports content including entertainment Cricket, Football, Formula 1, Tennis, etc is out there on the hotstar VIP plan.

But if you’re even a bit interested by watching IPL USA TV shows and Hollywood movies, Hotstar Premium is the best to go. Considering that Hotstar is now owned by Disney, you’ll expect plenty of latest American content being added within the longer term.

Hotstar also includes a tie-up with HBO, so you get access to exclusive HBO content yet on the hotstar Premium Plan USA.

But if Indian content is all that you just want, hotstar VIP is the proper best to go.

If you are not really sure, you will always start with a hotstar VIP. you’ll upgrade to Hotstar Premium anytime during your subscription. For this, you must pay the difference amount.

While Hotstar offers some free content like Star channels including sports News Channels, it comes with Ads rather like TV.

Hotstar also offers paid plans hotstar coupons code US with exclusive content which are Hotstar VIP and Hotstar Premium. The paid subscriptions offer a near ad-free experience with high-quality Video content.

You can’t determine difference between two by just name

So which is best – Hotstar VIP or Hotstar Premium IN USA ? It’s more to Start  with the content you want to look at. The Hotstar Premium Plan is the dearer one and provides you access to any or all or any of the content on Hotstar including Hollywood Content. The hostar VIP plan, on the other hand, is much cheaper at almost one-third of the Premium Plan and offers you access to any or all the sports content and other Indian content only ( Entertainment TV shows and movies).

Final Thoughts

Going for the Hotstar Premium or Hotstar VIP plan is more a matter of choice of content. The hotstar Premium Plan is solely the hotstar VIP + All international Content (Hollywood Movies + American TV Shows). Hotstar’s Premium Plan is matched with Amazon Prime at a cheap price, offering all the Hotstar content.

On the alternative hand, choose Hotstar VIP if you propose to use Hotstar only for its Sports Content and need to save {lots of|to avoid wasting} lots of money. Especially, if you are not an infinite fan of international movies and tv shows, Hotstar VIP subscription is wise.

Those who have just started on Hotstar can even consider starting with Hotstar VIP before upgrading to the Premium Plan.

If you don’t want to spend the money, then simply go along with the Hotstar Premium plan which offers you with all the content on Hotstar.

Hotstar Premium may well be an excellent value for money subscription, especially if you’re using it well. one in all the ways to Start and try this is to start out by watching Hotstar on TV.

How to identify what content in Hotstar is Premium vs Hotstar VIP

Premium Videos in Hotstar are marked in Blue Color P symbol (earlier it had been Green Crown Icon)

Hotstar VIP Videos are marked with Yellow Color V symbol (earlier it absolutely was Orange Star Icon)

Free online Videos don’t have any icon or unique identification

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