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The hotel industry is in the recovery phase from the pandemic setback. So technology-driven automation is what you need to manage multiple booking channels, inventory usage, and price fluctuations. Ideal hotel management software (Property Management System), also called hotel management software, is your go-to solution.

10 Mandatory Features of Hotel PMS Software

Let’s get familiar with the 10 hotel management software features that actas your lifeline during your daily operations. If you are in the process of getting a new hotel PMS software, these are the features that you must lookout.

Cloud PMS

A PMS software must support the cloud servers so that you can excess your data from anywhere. It provides the convenience of working remotely with all the speed, accuracy, and backup you need. However, the internal clarity of your workflow is imperative for a seamless experience of cloud PMS.

Integrations With Other Hotel Software

The hotel management software should be adaptive to other apps and software of your hotel, such as booking apps, data analysis systems, feedback management, etc. Look for hotel PMS that offer selective third party hotel integrations so that you can leave a department out if needed.

Accounting Integration

Integration of accounting systems needs an altogether different algorithm than other hotel integrations. This is because it’s an ever-changing and evolving avenue. An effective hotel PMS software should rescue you from n number of excel sheets and various outdated software by successfully integrating with your accounting system.

Channel Management

Managing different OTAs is crucial for utilising your inventory to the fullest and increasing your profit margin. Your hotel management software must have the channel manager feature, which allows you to manage multiple online distribution channels to ensure maximum occupancy in your property.

Multifunctional Front Desk Tool

Hotel PMS software makes it easy to keep track of check-ins and outs, extend or reduce the duration of stay, and customise details of guests. Your front desk team must get the facility to do all this and more in a single click from a single window.

Enhancement of Booking Engine

When someone calls for a reservation, and there is a delay in providing necessary details, the booking can go elsewhere. A sound hotel management system enhances the performance of your booking engine so that you readily have the information to provide on room type, availability and other amenities.

Support to Upselling

You will see a rise in the graph of upselling with the right hotel PMS software. This is because the reservations will be easier due to improved booking engine performance, increased efficiency in the front desk, and managed OTAs. This is not a PMS component but an expected outcome of all other features.

Flexible Pricing Strategy

An ideal hotel management software provides the flexibility of choosing a classical or dynamic pricing strategy to fix the room rates. You can effortlessly change your pricing approach based on the market condition and current customer preferences at any time.

Automated Report Functionality

Running a hotel business means going through various reports all day. Your hotel PMS software must have a feature that produces all kinds of reports. Whether you need data on financial performance, tax filing, or customer feedback, it should be available to you in no time.

Data Security& Access Control

Safety and security in thehotel industryare crucial. Customers’ payment data and personal information are sensitive, and they are often exchanged via cloud PMS. If this system is not robust, a data breach becomes a possibility. Therefore the feature of data safety is non-negotiable in hotel management software.

Wrapping Up!

Although it’s almost impossible to function in the modern hospitality sector without hotel PMS software, it’s equally important to pick the right one for your property. Hopefully,these 10 features that are the benchmark of a reliable and user-friendly hotel management software will help you choose the right one.

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