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Hiding the hopeless floors under a rug just doesn’t cut it.

Replacing the floor is the best option to makeover the eyesore underfoot. You can either replace the old flooring or lay the new footing onto the existing flooring.

Nevertheless, if you feel double-flooring will raise the floor significantly, replacing the flooring may be the best option. If done right, you do not have to worry about flooring for years to come.

Read on to find out how to replace home flooring. Understand that remodeling seems overwhelming, but it actually isn’t that painstaking, especially if you know a couple of insider tricks.

Trick 1. Hire the professionals

Recruiting professionals can help you avoid making the wrong decision and cut down the overall cost for improved flooring. “Professionals can help you define the goal of your renovation, provide an outline, and do the work more efficiently,” explains a team of Max Francis Quality Floors, a sanding floor firm based in Brisbane.

You may think that professionals will add up to the cost, but in reality, experts cut down the overall cost by one-third. Do not forget that they have a strong knowledge of the market and will process better management than a layman.

Trick 2. Use ceramic tiles that imitate wood if you don’t want a wood floor

Wooden flooring brings out the best of nature and transforms the floor into something spectacular. And as much as craze wooden flooring has around the globe, it brings in challenges with it.

The care and maintenance demanded by the wooden flooring are too much to fit on this page. For instance, take cupping — one of the most common problems in wooden flooring, which happens when wood gains moisture.

So, what’s the solution? Should you avoid those spectacular looks? Well, no. You do not have to. Instead, you can use ceramic tiles that imitate wooden floors. The ceramics come in different patterns and styles, including designs resembling wooden flooring. All you have to do is choose one that best suits your taste and install them.

Trick 3. Run your toes through something soft

Not applicable for all rooms. But deciding between the rigid and elastic flooring in some rooms is a game-changer.

For instance, Parquet flooring looks elegant, but they are smooth — suiting any and all rooms. The benefits of hard flooring are that they are tough, durable, and resistant to wear.

On the other hand, Vinyl flooring or PVC is a soft polymer flooring option, but it is warm to the foot, easy on the joints, and muffles the sound of footsteps. What’s great about vinyl flooring is they come in many designs.  wooden and stones. So, with these soft flooring options — you get the benefit of both, i.e., elegant design as well as something smooth to rest your foot.

But in case you feel that hard flooring is the option for you, don’t forget to add some carpets to your budget.

Trick 4. Use vinyl (or even grass!) to bring the outdoors in

In case you are looking to add some coziness, you can consider laminating or vinyl flooring. Artificial grass is also a new option that has become quite famous amongst the new house-design firms. And most of the house-owners are choosing artificial grass to bring a new level of comfort and look to their floors.

Additionally, they do not require much maintenance, and looking at the fun side — they allow you to golf indoors.

Trick 5. Disguise a shower stall horror

Is your shower stall a ross stained mess? You can disguise it with water-resistant teak floor mats.

You can insert these tweak mats into any shower and improve the aesthetics, smell, and safety of your shower. And this works for any space — big or small — these handcrafted shower stalls can be made to any size.

Trick 6. Try parquet flooring for a splash of color

Parquet floorings are available in elegant and sophisticated styles. Be it traditional herringbone or chevron, or more complex Parquet de Versailles, Bordeaux, and Mansion Weave patterns — Parquet flooring can satiate anyone’s need.

Respecting contemporary and time-honored interior designs, the parquet will suit any home of any size. And these are the ones that actually add the fun element into the flooring.

Trick 7. Get statement flooring with the versatility of vinyl

The soft flooring option, i.e., vinyl is not shy in styles and design. With the rise in popularity of vinyl flooring, manufacturers are now making them in numerous styles and shapes, appealing to the taste of any homeowner.

Moreover, compared to the hard flooring options like parquet, vinyl is also cheaper while adding the same elegance.


Hopefully, these ideas have made your buying decision a lot simpler. Of course, the first thing to do is hire a professional and discuss all the things with them — to know the cost and time in advance.

By Anurag Rathod

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