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Ultimate Guide For Home Cleaning Services

Ultimate Guide For Home Cleaning Services

Home cleaning needs no occasion. To put, in other words, it is essential to keep up with your home cleaning. But, in case you do not have time to clean your house because of a hectic schedule, then you can take home cleaning service as there are widely available and recommended in a situation like these. Now, preparation is the key to ultimate cleaning. So, to ensure efficiency and to improve the results – you must follow a proper cleaning plan. 

Cleaning Motivation

First thing first, you would need a lot of “cleaning motivation” to work through a fresh start to make your home sparkling clean. This is not possible with enough motivation. Remember it is fun to perform cleaning at home and you can even involve you, family members. You can listen to favorite music, set a time, and turn cleaning into a challenge – later you can reward yourself for a job well done. Or, on the other hand, you can call up your friends and take their assistance. 

Cleaning Method

Next, one of the essential ways to begin with cleaning is by design and implementing a cleaning method. You should choose a proper cleaning method for your home: make sure you follow the appropriate standards and chemical-free method. Some chemicals are safe to use – but you need to perform research before using one. 

The Standard Method

Typically, it is the most common and widely used method of cleaning. The technique involves the use of a cleaning solution with a chemical-based solvent that can be purchased from a local retailer and online platforms. 

The Green Method

This method is a more eco-friendly approach to cleaning. This method also uses chemical solvent – but, they do not pose any harm to the human environment or animals and pets. The chemical solvent can be made at home as well.

The Chemical Free Method

This method is one of cleaner, safer, and healthier style of cleaning based on a physical process. This method involves no chemicals and other solvents. 

Cleaning Management

For proper cleaning management task, you could divide your house into two parts, for example:-

1.   Wet Rooms: This includes the Kitchen, Bathroom, and Utility Room. To clean wet room, you would require kitchen microfiber cloths, bathroom microfiber cloths, cleaning solution, extender duster, kitchen scrubby sponge, and bathroom scrubby sponge and safety gloves

2.   Dry Rooms: This includes a dining room, living room, family room, bedroom, office, hallways, and staircase. To clean dry rooms, you would require microfiber cloth, cleaning solution, water, and extended duster, and sponge and safety gloves. 

Additional Requirements

You would also require the following cleaning tools:-

1.   Vacuum Cleaner

2.   Extra bags

3.   Toilet brush

4.   A mop

5.   A bucket

6.   A broom 

7.   A Dust pan 

8.   A Microwave safe bowl 

9.   A large box, and 

10. A two-step ladder 

Cleaning Mode

Now, coming to the cleaning mode – never underestimate the importance of the cleaning sequence. Clean smart by following the basic “Star” system:-

1.   Soak First– Start with soaking the hard-to-clean, moisture-resistant surface in the kitchen and bathroom. 

2.   Top-Down– Next, eliminate re-cleaning by taking top to bottom approach. 

3.   Always Start with One Location– Next move around the room and by making a complete circle reach to finish aka the starting point.

4.   Rank Floors– Lastly, rank the floor to clean at the end. Since dust drops, it is effective to clean the floor when everything else is cleaned. 

The Ultimate Cleaning Guide

A. Kitchen – 80 Minutes for one person 

You will need: Items and supplies kept for wet room along with two-step ladder and microwave-safe bowl

Step 1: Fresh Air – 5 Minutes:

Keep the window to air out the Kitchen while cleaning. You can strategically open the window in a way to allow natural airflow through the kitchen area. 

Step 2: Soak Hard-to-Clean Area – 5 Minutes:

Use water and soak the hard-to-clean areas, for example, stove, countertops, and refrigerator/microwave handles- use kitchen cleaner it required. 

Step 3: Cabinet – 20 Minutes:

Empty the cabinets from top to bottom. Next, spray the shelves and drawer with water. Now using clean kitchen microfiber cloths wipe off the water and neatly replace the contents. 

Step 4: Refrigerator – 20 Minutes:

You can empty the refrigerator and keep the content in a box for a while. Using spray – clean the inside, then use water and scrub to wipe clean the walls. Next, place the content back into the refrigerator. 

Step 5: Microwave – 3 Minutes: 

Fill the microwave-safe bowl it taps water – then places it inside the microwave for 5 minutes. The water will boil and for about 2 minutes, and the steam will sanitize the inside of the wall. 

The Bottom line you can go ahead and use top, bottom approach while cleaning bathrooms, dining room, living room/family room, bedroom, hallways/staircase, etc. Lastly, it is essential to follow the step-by-step process and the ultimate domestic cleaning guide for faster results.

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