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We are near to welcome the new decade, now laptop industries are getting better and better. 10 years ago, most of the gamers scoffed at the option of gaming laptops. Because at that time laptops were big and bulky, nowhere near to the desktops in terms of performance and customization. But now the gaming laptops are more powerful than ever and come with beautiful sleek designs.

As we know in terms of performance, the desktop is still the best choice for the ultimate gaming experience. But still knowing the fact that laptops are a bit expensive, gamers prefer expensive gaming laptops over the desktops because they want performance with portability. If you want to play games on the move, and also travel a lot for your work then you will prefer a gaming laptop.

Nowadays, For a gaming enthusiast, A gaming laptop is one of the greatest desire in their wishlist. Every professional gamer wants to have a monster machine, but as we know gaming laptops are way more expensive than a gaming pc. This question has come across every gamer’s mind, what are the reasons which make it costlier. There are a lot of factors responsible for the high price of the gaming notebooks, let us discuss them one by one.

1. Customization:

Laptops are generally thin and compact in size, also each model of a particular brand has a different design. Therefore a lot of hard work is needed to design every laptop, and these laptops must have competitive prices with other brands. To make a laptop compact and slim, the motherboard has to be specially designed for that particular laptop. But in desktop pc, there are no such issues. You can put any motherboard in the desktop tower according to need.

Components of one laptop’s brand are not compatible with another laptop. Therefore a lot of money is required for a brand to design and set up assembly for the manufacturing of those components. On laptops, you have the freedom to upgrade RAM, Storage, and some dedicated graphics card also. But you can not expect a full range of customization as available in the gaming desktop. This is one of the major factor responsible for the expensive price of laptops.

2. Quality Control

This is one of the most important step which helps the brand to set the high benchmark standards for a laptop. After doing lots of research in R&D for designing a laptop, testing of the final product is necessary to ensure the quality of the laptop. Normally, there is hardware testing and software testing. Hardware testing has a lot of things in the checklist such as to verify the conditions of panels and chassis, checking rear ports, I/O shield alignments, data connections, power supply, installed cards, verification of desired fan speed.

In software testing, the laptop has to run with a load which is far more than its rated specifications. There are so many software tests such as OctaneBench, NeatBench, CineBench R20, CrystalDiskMark, Redshift, Unigine Superposition test, and a lot more.

These tests have to be done in phases and they take a lot of hours to inspect a laptop properly. No doubt that it will increase the overall pricing of the gaming laptop. But when you see it in a long run, the quality of the laptop will definitely gain the confidence of the customers.

3. Cooling/ Ventilation

Laptop hardware such as processor, RAM, display, graphic card is developing fast in order to fulfill the customer requirement. Nowadays lots of powerful laptops are available which delivers significant performance, but high-performance gaming laptops consume more power and generate more heat which may lead to overheating of the laptop. High ambient temperature is also a cause of overheating. If a laptop is operated in a high-temperature area, then it can lead to data and system failure.

A laptop’s processor, graphic card, and hard disk are the main contributor to heat generation in laptops. Nowadays hard disk is replaced by solid-state drive. If the laptop is not designed with a proper cooling system then the laptop will be damaged due to overheating. Laptops have one drawback, less air space due to compactness. Due to the thin and slim design of the laptop, a lot of engineering research is needed to design the cooling system.

To reduce the overheating, heat sinks are attached to processors and graphic cards. A heat exchange pipe, cooling fans further helps to transfer the heat to the atmosphere. This cooling unit should be compact and consume less power in order to maximize the battery life of the gaming laptop. This cooling unit is expensive which further increases the price of gaming laptops.

4. Graphics Card

There are two kinds of graphics cards, Integrated graphics card and dedicated(discrete) card. Integrated graphics cards are built into the processor while a Dedicated graphics card is a separate entity to the processor. If you use the laptop for day to day work then an integrated graphics card is sufficient, although integrated graphics cards are getting powerful nowadays and can handle lots of games.

To handle high resolutions games with higher FPS and lag-free experience, a dedicated graphics card is required. There are two top brands NVIDIA and AMD Radeon available in the graphics industry. Theses brands provide you 4k UHD with supports of more than 144Hz refresh rate, you will enjoy playing games with these graphics cards. For powerful performance, you need to pay more for the graphics card which increases the overall pricing of gaming laptops. You can check some of the best laptops under $1200 for such powerful graphic cards.

5. Portability

This is the real reason why the laptop industry is growing day by day. Laptops are lightweight, slim, having battery backup, which allows you to carry this machine while traveling. You can work from home, play games wherever you want to play. Unlike Desktop, You don’t need to set up a separate gaming lab or a cabin.

There are a lot of changes that have been done to achieve this kind of portability. Laptops components are smaller in size as compare to desktop whether it hard-disk, RAM, graphics card, and processor. These components are specially designed for the laptop, thus need some more research to use the PCB space efficiently. Therefore these components are more expensive than the desktop’s components. In another way, we can say that we are paying some extra money for portability.

Final Words

Choosing a perfect gaming laptop is not an easy task when there are so many options available in the market. We hope this guide will help you get the right gaming laptop for yourself. If you have any concerns about this guide, ask in the comment section below.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.