air conditioner chemical wash

When you need help making your system as fresh and clean as when it was installed, try using this chemical wash service. Aircon servicing chemical wash will keep your air conditioning systems from rusting. It will remove any smoke or dirt that may have accumulated on the coils and help prevent mold growth.

What is a chemical wash?

The air conditioning system in your home or business relies on carbon dioxide to remove the wet, corroding chemicals and dust particles from the airstream. As these elements continuously clog up the vents, they cause mold and other incredible plagues, which results in a shorter lifespan for the air conditioner unit. An air conditioner chemical wash is an easy solution that can effectively wash away a lot of these harmful elements. Chemical washing of an air conditioning system creates a high level of dissolved minerals, which fall to the ground below. When this water evaporates, these minerals are released back into the atmosphere.

The process also releases ozone, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide glasses. More than 80% of this particulate matter falls away from individual houses and enters neighborhoods surrounding them, where it mixes in with air being brought in by rooftop fans and then vented outdoors. When you allow your AC filters to get full of dirt and grime that have no place in your indoor comfort zone, some toxic compounds re-enter your home supply system through the intake port.

What are the benefits of an aircon chemical wash?

Many homeowners have paid a company to clean their air conditioning systems in the hopes of extending their lives and maintaining high levels of performance. This is one of the safest ways to keep your system up and running. An air conditioner chemical wash cleans out all the toxins inside your system by combining chemicals such as ozone, water, oxygen, and fluoride with an ice water solution. A chemical wash also sends 40 U.S. gallons of waste down the drain every hour without wasting energy.

How to clean AC systems with a chemical hog varnish

For those that live in humid areas like the gulf coast, an air conditioning system can often be covered in a layer of corrosive salts and bacteria. Chlorine ions on the AC surface react with sulfur ions from the salt to form H2S (hydrogen sulfide), which is toxic for humans and could potentially corrode wrought iron systems. Keeping this type of damage at bay can be done through the use of chemical hog varnish to create a barrier between the salt, chlorine, or bacteria.

Tips for washing your AC system regularly

Just as important as keeping your AC system free from dirt and pests is protecting it from the chemical corrosion that can result in black deposits on condenser coils and green stains inside the evaporator. Chemical corrosion is not covered by warranty, yet no one wants to pay for a service call if it does occur. To protect against this, take precautions like washing your AC on a regular basis. Doing so every two weeks will cut down on chemical corrosion in your system as well as prevent dirt buildup.


As people live, breathe, and fill their surroundings with all kinds of harmful agents, the best way to combat them is to cleanse the air filters. The best thing about the Chem-Dry solution is that it does not use any harmful solvents or chemicals, but instead replaces them with a gentle solution that loosens the dirt from surfaces.

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