car exterior cleaning

Some people want to make their cars look as nice as possible. Doing so can pose some challenges if you don’t have experience cleaning cars, so you should do some research on the detailing process. This can help you understand how to detail your car, so you can make it look nice and ensure it functions properly when you drive it.

Clean the Interior

You can start by cleaning the interior of your car. This involves removing the garbage from the car including anything in the side pockets, the backseat or even in the cupholders. After you clear the trash, you should look for any signs of stains, so you can attempt to remove them with a car-safe stain remover.

Once you tackle this part, you can use a vacuum in the car to remove any crumbs or debris. Make sure you also lift the mats, so you can vacuum underneath them and make your car as clean as possible. From there, you should wipe off hard surfaces to remove the dust.

Clean the Exterior

After you finish the interior, you need to focus on cleaning the exterior of your car. For example, you should start by washing your car or taking it to a carwash, so you can remove any dirt or grime. From there, you should dry off the car afterward, so you can avoid getting any smudges or marks on it.

Once you finish this part of the car exterior cleaning, you can apply car care products. For example, you can apply coats, polish and similar items to make your vehicle look nicer. Since people will see the outside of your vehicle, you can make it look better than other vehicles.

Address Any Tire Issues

You also need to make sure you take care of your tires when it comes to car detailing. As you clean the outside of the vehicle, you may notice some dirt on the hubcaps, so you should wipe them off and make them shine. On top of this, you should review the quality of the tires, so you can make sure your car doesn’t face any issues.

For example, if your tires begin to flatten, you should fill them with air to avoid damage to your rims. However, if filling the tires doesn’t work, you need to replace them or patch the leak on the tires to avoid problems.

Take Care of the Windows

As you detail your car, you must ensure you can wash the windows throughout your car, so you can make them presentable. While a carwash can clean the windows of your car, you should also use a car-safe window cleaner. You can find window cleaner designed for the inside of the car, so you should clean both sides to make them better than before.

You should also see if any of your windows have cracks or similar breaks. If you find any cracks or breaks in your windows, you should replace them when the opportunity arises. As you do this, you can check and see if the windows function correctly.

Replace the Oil If Necessary

Cars need to have their oil replaced regularly, so you should check your oil and replace it if necessary. First, you can check the oil level of your car by using the dipstick provided. If you think you need to replace the oil, you can do so by following the instructions included in the car manual.

If you don’t want to replace the oil on your own, you can hire a mechanic to help you with the process, so you don’t end up making any dangerous mistakes. You should also review the car manual since it will tell you to replace the oil after a certain number of miles.


The detailing process can help you make your car look nicer, so make sure to start as soon as you can. While you may not know how to perfectly detail your car, you can get better at it by starting at the beginning. As you work on your car and become more familiar with it, you can get better at the detailing process to make it more presentable and better overall.

By Anurag Rathod

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