International Schools in India

There are many essential components for a child’s growth and development, and parents consider it their most important duty to work hard to provide for their children. However, one component that plays the most vital role for children is their school education. Every parent aspires to provide the best education possible to their kids. Although there are different types of schools, there is a huge craze among people for International schools in India. These schools have become renowned nationwide for the strength of high-quality education and top-notch facilities they provide students.

While trying to figure out where your child should go, choose the best International schools in India because they will provide an environment that children will love. After all, why should you sacrifice your child’s education for convenience by opting for ordinary CBSE schools in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, or any other city? The best part is that such international schools are not very expensive either. 

What are International Schools?

There is an International Association of School Librarianship (IASL) that has created the following criteria for an International school: 

The students of the school should represent different nations and cultures.

The school follows the same more popular curriculum worldwide, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge International Education (CIE).

The faculty must include teachers from several nations, ensuring a variety of perspectives and teaching methods.

The school offers students many languages besides their native tongue.

The school should focus on fostering intercultural skills among students.

The school should be able to promote values like respect, sensitivity, and understanding of different viewpoints to develop an international mindset.

The school should connect strongly with various international institutions and groups to foster cooperation and intellectual exchange.

The school should have facilities like cutting-edge teaching techniques and innovative ideas to improve learning.

Students should get opportunities to participate in international competitions and sporting events.

The school should be able to provide a sense of community and belonging to international students.

Here is the list of leading international schools in India 

Oberoi International School, Mumbai

This International School in Mumbai has two campuses that are like siblings. The institution’s motto is to provide a high-quality educational experience with a world-class facility. It works towards making students future-ready for the challenges and opportunities in the outside world. Its core values are knowledge, social responsibility, respect, creativity, and celebration. It provides dining, transport, indoor & outdoor sports facilities, and a library. The average Fee for a student is Rs. 47,500 per month or Rs. 1 42,500 per quarter without transport fees. If you are considering CBSE schools in Mumbai for your child, you should also consider this option.  

Ecole Globale International Girls’ School, Dehradun

It’s one of the premier boarding schools in Dehradun for girls. The school has 800 students, with each class having a maximum of 40 students. The teacher-student ratio is a healthy 1:10. It provides swimming and martial arts facilities. Students can also participate in outdoor sports like basketball, athletics, squash, shooting, horse riding, and more. The annual fees are approx. Rs 7 00,000 to Rs 10 00,000.

The Banyan Tree IB World School, Delhi

Banyan Tree School was established in 1986 by Ram Krishan & Sons Charitable Trust. It’s one of the most renowned international schools in India. This co-educational international school has branches in Delhi, Lucknow, Jagdishpur, Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Bhopal. The emphasis of education is to inspire young students to adopt a positive lifestyle. 

The average number of students in each class is 30, with a very good teacher-student ratio of 1:10. It offers students indoor games facilities like carrom, chess, and table tennis, and outdoor sports activities like football, badminton, volleyball, and cricket. The annual fee charges are from Rs 80,000 to 1, 15,000.

Pathways School, Noida

It’s one of the top International schools in India, offering an outstanding curriculum. The institution existed in 2003 and became the first boarding and day school in North India with an IB curriculum. The school has a total strength of 1400 students with an ideal teacher-student ratio of 1:10. Each class has an average of 25 students.

The school offers indoor games like table tennis, chess, and carom and outdoor sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, cricket, and lawn tennis. Students can also participate in activities like indoor, music, and dance. The annual fee structure varies from Rs 65,000 to 1, 40,000.

Manav Rachna International School, Delhi

It’s one of the best international schools In IndiaIts energetic atmosphere, highly qualified teachers, and innovative curriculum stand out. Dr. O.P. Bhalla founded it with Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Ludhiana, and Mohali campuses.  

The number of students in each class is 25. At the same time, the teacher-student ratio stands at 1:15. The school offers facilities like a swimming pool, dance, drama, and outdoor sports like badminton, basketball, lawn tennis, cricket, football, and shooting. The average fee structure per student ranges from Rs 50,000 to Rs 2, 00,000.

If we compare CBSE schools in Mumbai with the best International schools in India, we find a huge gap in their annual fee structure. However, it’s also true that the facilities offered by international schools are far better than CBSE schools in Mumbai. It’s up to parents to decide which the better option for their children is.

By Anurag Rathod

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