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The market is sizzling with new ideas and business aspirations. Amongst everything that is going on in the multi service universe. It has become clear that the Gojek clone app is one of the best and most talked about multi service on demand application in the world. As more and more number of people are migrating towards a single app based solution for their requirements. Many entrepreneurs have started investing in the Gojek clone apps.

There are hundreds of companies that have built their own multi service apps. But the Gojek clone app built by experts have new and modern features that are helpful for business owners. In order to be able to buy the best Gojek clone app that helps you to build your business successfully you must know about the new features that have been added to the app now.

So, let us get down to it.


For years, people have loved the Gojek clone app for its utility. But now, with the help of a new features added in the app. It has become even more useful for the people. Let us take a look at the top new features in the app.

Online Consultation with Experts

The Gojek clone app is primarily an on demand service provider application. This means that the service providers who registered in the app. Can be called to deliver their services to the clients using the app. However, with the new online consultation feature. It is now possible for users to directly consult with the experts they would like to through video conferencing or online chat facility.

The users can reach out to experts like doctors, lawyers, trainers, accountants and more. It is a convenient way of ensuring that users can get the services that. They are looking for without having to worry about physically going to their place or even to call them over.

Service Provider Bidding

The conventional way of hiring a service provider using the Gojek clone app involves people looking up for service provider by category within the app. however, the introduction of this new feature. People can now post their job requirements and wait for the service providers to bid for these jobs. This means that the service providers with the expertise for the job at hand can get a notification once the job is posted. Based on their interest they can bid for the jobs and quote a price that is most convenient for them. The user can then choose the service provider based on their bids.

Delivery Runner

This is a new feature that allows users to hire someone to carry out their daily chores. Let us try to understand this with the help of an example. Let us say, a user has a busy day and leaves for work early. They can then hire a delivery runner to collect their lunch from their homes and deliver it to their office, or pick up their laundry and so on and so forth.


On the whole, it is very important to realise that at the end of the day, the basic purpose of the app is to make sure that the user is convenience. Everything within the app is to make sure that the life of the user is a lot easier than otherwise.

This is why; the features that are added into the app should be such that it makes hiring service providers or basically getting any kind of job done absolutely easy. This is why; these new features have made the Gojek clone app so popular amongst the people. The more popular it gets, the better it is for the entrepreneur to make money.

App like Gojek


The Gojek Clone is a great app that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the world to make sure that the app contributes to their success in a big way. If you too are an entrepreneur who wishes to tap into the potential of this business then this is the right time for you to put forth an investment in it.

The best thing is, this app requires only a one time investment and can set you up for a lifetime of returns. Since this app is available in a launch ready state, you will only have to wait about a week before it gets launched and you can start earning from it.

The Gojek clone app is a holistic app. This means that it caters to over 70 different kinds of services from within one single application. It requires users and service providers to download it just once and then they can log in to it once to access all the services.

However not every entrepreneur wishes to start their business with all the services all at once. This is why; when you purchase your own Gojek clone app, make sure that you take a look at the admin panel of the app.

The admin panel should allow you to make sure that you can add or hide any number of services from the app without the assistance of a developer. When you feel that you app has enough traction or you think it is stable enough for growth, you can unhide services and make them available for the people.

The Gojek clone app is a successful venture to get into. So, do your research and get in touch with the top on demand mobile app Development Company that can offer you a white label Gojek clone solution.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.