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JavaScript is the most popular programming language in use on the web. It powers over 96% of the top 10,000 websites and 8 billion devices worldwide. Companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Netflix have invested billions of dollars in JavaScript to power their websites and apps.

What is “JavaScript”?

JavaScript is a programming language that is used to make web pages interactive. JavaScript was first developed in 1995 and is now used by most websites. It can be used to make games, chatbots, and other features that are only possible with JavaScript.

JavaScript can be run on any browser which means that it can be accessed on any device. It is considered as a scripting language because it does not need compilation for execution. The language is also object-based and has first-class functions which allow the programmer to create their own objects from scratch.

Importance of “JavaScript”

JavaScript is a programming language that is used to make websites interactive. It’s also one of the building blocks of the web, and it’s what allows you to interact with your browser in various ways. It’s a relatively simple language, which is why it’s so popular for building small webpages and basic animations.

The reason for its popularity is that it makes web development easier and quicker to write code. It also allows developers to use their skills in other domains like desktop apps, video games, and robotics.

The benefits of JavaScript are: 

-It’s an open-source programming language. 

-It’s the most popular programming language in the world. 

-It can be used to create animations, games, and other interactive elements on websites. 

-JavaScript is easy to learn and use.

Job Opportunities

1. Javascript Developer

A Javascript Developer is a person who primarily develops Javascript-based code. They use HTML and CSS to design and develop user interfaces. They are also responsible for the website’s functionality and performance.

2. Node JS Developer

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser. Node.js is used primarily for server-side and networking applications such as web servers, real-time messaging, and RESTful services.

3. Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is a person who can work with both the front-end and the back-end of a website. They are responsible for the design, development and maintenance of a website.

4. Web Designer

Web designers are in charge of the design and layout of a website. They create the user interface and make sure that it is easy to navigate. They also make sure that the website is responsive and mobile-friendly.

5. Graphic Web Designer

A graphic web designer is a person who designs graphics and layouts for websites, web pages, and other digital media. They are responsible for creating the visual look of the site, including logos, buttons, banners and other elements.

Salary Range in India

With the presence of global IT giants and top-notch Indian companies, the demand for JavaScript skills in India is soaring. JavaScript developers are the bread and butter of web development. And India is a growing hub for IT sector, it’s only natural that there are plenty of JS jobs all over the country.


The average compensation for an Entry Level Javascript Developer with less than three years of experience is 4.7 lakhs per year. A Javascript Developer in his or her mid-career earns an average of 11.6 lakhs per year, whereas a Senior Javascript Developer with 10-20 years of experience gets an average of 17.3 lakhs per year.

How to Learn?

JavaScript is a programming language that has become more popular over the past decade. JavaScript is known for its simplicity which makes it an ideal language for beginners to learn. There are many different ways to learn JavaScript, from books and courses to tutorials and interactive games. Here are some options for you to consider based on your preferences:

  1. Self-Guided Websites and Courses
  2. Books
  3. Virtual Classes
  4. Non-Virtual Classes
  5. Starting Your Own Projects

Where to Learn?

LearnVern offers a free online JavaScript Course course with easy-to-follow video tutorials and exercises that’ll teach you how to program in JavaScript. At the end of the free course, you’ll have the skills needed to build your own website, create webpages, and create interactive tools using only just Javascript. No previous programming skills required!

Thousands of people are enrolling in LearnVern’s online course to quickly learn and master Javascript! With LearnVern’s fun and interactive lessons, you’ll be able to get up-to-speed with the most popular programming language in just a few minutes per day.

Is “JavaScript” a good career?

JavaScript can be used for a variety of tasks, including making simple websites more interactive or adding functionality to existing sites. JavaScript can also be used as a server-side scripting language for dynamic content on a website or as an embedded scripting language for making small customizations on an individual page.

Upskilling is the process of acquiring new skills or knowledge to help with future career progression. It can also be thought of as a way to improve one’s current skillset.
There are many benefits that come from upskilling, but the main ones are:
– Increased opportunity for work
– Improved job security
– Higher wages and salaries


The future scope of JavaScript in India is quite promising as it is one of the most popular programming languages on the planet. It has been widely adopted by Indian companies and developers alike to create mobile applications and webpages across various industries such as healthcare, retail, education, entertainment, etc. There are many reasons for this rise in popularity including its ease-of-use and availability on all major platforms like Windows 10 or Android operating system (OS).

JavaScript will be the future of India, because it has proven itself to be one of the most popular programming languages in the world today. It can be used to build just about anything these days and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

By Anurag Rathod

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