exercises for sagging jowls

Sagging jowls is excessive skin under jawline and chin. As we grow up almost every person starts developing minor saggy jowls under their jaw as aging makes our skin less elastic and thinner. To prevent this situation it’s important to adapt facial exercises for sagging jowls. Normally saggy jowls start to grow in older age but there are still chances that younger people may also start developing jowls due to environmental, genetic or physiological terms.

The main reason behind developing jowls is aging effect. But, there are a few more factors that lead to grow sagging jowls. Those factors are mentioned below:

  • Genetic factors: Genetic factors play a big role in deciding our physical formation. If you belong to a family that has a history of having jowls then you are most likely to develop them as well.

A skin with minimal collagen or a thin skin can start developing saggy jowls in early twenties as well.

  • Lifestyle factors: The way you live your everyday life affects your physical formation pretty much. So many lifestyle factors that can lead you to grow jowls are listed below:
  1. Eating habits: Consumption of junk foods leads to lack of antioxidants that leads to lose the tightness of skin and growth of saggy jowls.
  2. Smoking or drinking habits: Smoking has always been bad for skin health and drinking and smoking makes us lose collagen and elasticity. That turns us to get lose skin and jowls.
  3. Harmful skin care methods: Some people use harmful skin care methods by using chemical based products that affect collagen and elastin proteins levels, eventually it leads to saggy skin.
  • Exposure to UV rays: UV rays are harmful for skin as it leads to the loss of collagen levels. A long exposure can lead to gain wrinkles and saggy skin.

Above mentioned factors are few of the reasons for us to develop jowls and saggy skin with growing age or sometimes at early age as well. No one wants to look unattractive with jowls at their young age neither you’d prefer it at old age. So it’s better to take precautions to avoid jowls and if you already getting them then you need to start working on them so you can get of your sagging jowls.

The best way to get rid of sagging jowls and have a healthy, glowing face is face exercises. Like any other exercises, if you will add facial yoga practices to your daily routine it will help to tighten your skin and increase the collagen level of your skin as well. It also helps to fight toxic elements that lead to wrinkles, pimples, dull skin and saggy skin etc. face yoga practices will turn out to be a blessing for you to fight sagging jowls.

Below are few facial yoga practices that will help you prevent or to get rid of sagging jowls.

Exercises for jowls

  1. Yawn by opening your mouth as wide as you can then count till 20 then slowly close your mouth without touching your upper or lower teeth. It will help to tighten up your skin.
  2. Tilt your head slightly up then start chewing. Practice this exercise as many times as you can.
  3. Tilt your head up and down while grinning as widely as you can.
  4. Put lower lip on upper one then lift your head up.
  5. Make the sound of ‘o’ with more force and exaggerating moments of mouth.
  6. Blow your cheeks up as far as you can.
  7. Make a humming sound with your tongue touching toward scalp.

Including these exercises to your daily practices will prevent sagging jowls and also help you to get rid of them with regular practice. Besides these exercises you can add a few more tips to your daily lifestyle for reducing the severity of jowls which are mentioned below:

  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Use sunscreen while going outside with UVA and UVB protection
  • Use moisturizers for skin
  • Use creams and lotions with high oxidants that will help to produce collagen and vitamin
  • Avoid making those expressions too much that cause jaw and cheek muscles face downwards.
  •  Eat healthy
  • Workout daily
  • Don’t smoke or drink
  • Do more face exercises that will help in muscle flexibility of whole face

Regular exercise practices and adaption of a healthy lifestyle have always been helpful for humans to get a fit and healthy life. Doing the same for your skincare will benefit us for a long term as well. Following above mentioned tips on daily basis will help you to gain a healthy, glowing youthful skin. And, if you include above told facial exercises for sagging jowls in your daily routine then you can prevent jowls and even get rid of them. All you need to do is practice these exercises daily and eat healthy foods that helps to increase collagen level and elasticity of your facial skin and tightens your face skin to avoid shaggy jowls.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.