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If you explore the Internet, you will get to see questions such as how to write better essays. But, very few want to know how to stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you are one of those people looking for an answer, you have arrived at the right place. In this blog, you will get to know how to present a 100% original essay. 

If you are interested in making your content unique, you should abide by the following tips.

Come up with new materials 

Seeing what other authors are writing about and what subjects create a lot of interest is a popular way of generating ideas. This can be a helpful way to come up with opinions, but you will also find that the finished piece is not very original. You might be able to put a new twist on an old topic.

Thus, you might refrain from looking at blog posts or newspapers and try to come up with new angles on a topic. Thus, you have to independent. We should all be reading actively on a regular basis, but don’t make your every day reading the main source of your new generation of material. You should have something to say. You should read wisely, and take notes. But, you must conduct independent research. 

Incorporate personal views

From your personal experiences, compose your essay. You must definitely have had a lot of experiences that relate to your blog subject. And your own experiences may be more unique than any other things you may be writing about. 

There are reasons why so much repetitive material exists online. Rather than writing about their own perspectives, many people write about what they hear from others. And the essay rewriters or students should be specific. Your write-up should have clarity about the anecdotes and information. 

Create strong headlines 

A strong headline sparks curiosity in readers and invites them in. Consider these fantastic Copyblogger statistics. Your headlines will be read by 80 per cent of people, but the majority of your material will be read by just 20 percent of those users.

And that is why it is important to create an intriguing headline. Take time while creating the headlines. Make a few if possible, and pick which one you like best. Don’t over-skim them. They are the first thing people read, and they are the foundation that individuals use to determine whether or not they want to read your post.

Choose simple words and short sentences 

Write use instead of utilizing, near instead of proximity, help instead of facilitating, for instead of in the amount of. Only use mellifluous words if it makes sense, with respect to the context, and in the event, no other words can replace it. 

For the same reason, you should keep paragraphs short, and sentences short.  In fact, they’re easier to read and understand. Just look at any newspapers and blog posts, you will get the idea. And try to use active voice as much as possible. Usually, readers prefer the SVO sentence sequence: Subject, Verb and Object. 

Take a stand 

Some of the most unique essays, and also the most often read, go against traditional wisdom or contradict the viewpoint of the majority. Try to write from the point of view that does not go with anyone else, and you are sure to be more distinctive than others.

If an idea doesn’t come together, don’t eliminate it for a future essay or scratch it all together. Take a look at some of the other thoughts you wrote down to see how you can combine ideas to make an article more complete.

Make your essay actionable 

What was your last essay on? Did it offer guidance to readers about how to apply the lessons right away? The best content offers a way out for the readers to apply the information provided. By asking them what to do, it does not degrade readers. Rather, you respect them and assure them that they know how to use the content best.

In addition to this, provide tips on one can interpret the essay. For instance, you can address the literature gaps in the essay and ask future scientists or experts to take note of it. Similarly, if you are requesting government officials to take steps, you can mention the solutions. 

Gather facts and figure from authentic source

Suppose you are writing an essay on Instagram usage, you have to provide authentic information from legitimate sources. You can provide information such as ‘Instagram happens to be the 9th most popular Google query’, ‘1 billion people use the app every month’, etc. Only when you incorporate authentic information, your essay gets accepted.

So, your job as an essay rewriter is to embellish the content with updated information on a topic. This is what will set you apart from the millions of similar essays. If your essay or article ever gets published online, the sources will help you out immensely. The search engines will be able to figure out what your content is about, and how it should be categorized.

Don’t ramble and avoid fluff words 

For many authors, rambling is a huge problem. They tend to drag the point, even when they do not have any significant insight to add. Remember to highlight the important points and arrange them in bullet points. And make sure that you have not exceeded the word count. In this regard, you can take the help of any word counter tool available online. 

Qualifying terms, such as really, little, and quite, don’t add anything to your context and render your sentences lifeless. Mark Twain had something interesting to say about this matter. He said, “Substitute damn every time you’re inclined to write very; your editor will delete it, and the writing will be just as it should be.”

Proofread carefully 

Shorten everything that does not add to the context, erase, and rewrite it. It is all right to write in a casual way, but for a good reason, do not inject extra words. Break your writing into three stages to make this easier: 

  • Write the text as a whole. 
  • For a couple of hours or days, set your text aside. 
  • Keep your text new and edit it.

No writer is perfect. However, you can definitely strive to get better at it. The more you read, you will be able to improve and spot your mistakes effectively. 

As you can see, the tips stated above have been tested and tried out. If you wish to become a good essay writer, you should adhere to these tips. 

Author Bio: David Logan is a former English lecturer at a reputed university in the United Kingdom. He also has his own blog site, where he shares tips related to assignment writing. At present, he is associated with, where he supervises assignment help provided by the experts. 

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