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For many people out there, a hotel room is a point of transit. They consider it a place for taking a shower and getting some sleep, and nothing more than that. But also, there are people for whom hotels are havens replete stuffed with amazing perks. 

It includes sparkling washrooms, bathrobes, privacy, and whatnot. But you always want your room to be clean, safe, and comfortable. So, here, we have prepared a list of things to know about hotel stay.


Before booking a room, check for the location of the hotel. Especially if your purpose is sightseeing, choose a location that is accessible.

Look for the attractions you want to visit and find a hotel at the central of those. Also, check for the availability of public transportation near your hotel.

Mobile check-in option:

In this ultimate guide for hotel stay, the next thing you need to consider is the check-in options. Several hotels out there have begun making use of mobile check-in options through an app. Often this setup includes keyless options.

All these efforts are because of avoiding face-to-face interactions. It keeps sanitation up and interaction down. Also, it sounds convenient.


Nobody tolerates a bug on their bed. So, it does not matter if you are staying in a ritzy boutique hotel or a lodge. You must check for bedbugs. Their presence has nothing to do with the surrounding environment’s entire cleanliness.

To check the bedbugs, look for dark and tiny spots or eggs all over the corners of the bed. You can lift the sheet or comforter and check on the zippers, seams, carpet, and sofa as well.

Hidden camera:

Examining the surroundings is necessary for extant wires, questionable plugs, and blinking lights. Apart from searching the entire room, you need to stay extra attentive to the tissue box. Check on smoke detectors, mirrors, clothing hooks, decorative objects, and desk lamps.

Turn all the lights off, and check if there is any blinking green or red light. You can make use of your smartphone flashlight to catch any reflective light.

Hot water:

Check if your geyser or hot water system is working well or not. Check if it is giving off an odd smell or if it is rusty. Often it takes time for the hot water to kick in, or else you have to put on a switch.

Whatever it is, check it in the first place because you will not want to face problems while taking a bath.


Based on the accommodation type, adjust the expectation of your hotel’s toiletries. Always prepare yourself for bringing some needful items or buying things nearby. You may find out that you are not provided with the promised items. In that case, request for that to the help desk.

Electrical outlet:

You may find that your plugs are incompatible with electrical outlets. It can happen even in the most elite hotels.

When choosing a cheap holiday packages, often the hotel staff will give you time. So, you need to get your things right.


You can always adjust your room’s temperature only if the AC remote or the thermostat works fine. Like hot water, it also takes a bit of time for the warmth or chill to kick in.

So, check if it is working well or not. And if it is not, get in touch with the hotel staff or the front desk.


If you are expecting a minibar in your hotel room, make sure that it is not locked. Most of these minibars come with high prices. So, if you do not need it, talk about it at the front desk. This is because you will never want to pay for something that you did not want or consume.

If anything is missing, report it to the staff right away.

Door lock:

Most people think that the room will lock behind them. But, do not assume, and test it right away. Try to step out and close the door and check if it locks well.

Do not forget to lock your room’s deadbolt when you are inside it.


It has become essential to have an internet connection everywhere. So, check for the Wi-Fi in your hotel. It is because you may need it to give an update to your family or friends. For checking your travel confirmations or finding the information you will need internet.

Ensure that it works and is safe. Check if it needs a password for accessing it. Ask for the password from the front desk. If you think that your connection is slow, talk about it at the front desk.

Escape route:

Look at the hotel room’s maps. These maps will save you in case of emergency. Look for the closest exits and stairwells are.

Hotel fires and earthquakes are some of the things that remind us to have an emergency escape. It does not matter if you are a solo traveler or you are traveling with close ones. Always check for emergency exits.

The hotel room glasses:

Always wash the glasses provided to you by the hotel before use. Use hot water and soap to wash them.

You will never want to swap the germs with the room’s previous guest. It is gross, and nobody will like to have flu during their vacation.

Wipe a few surfaces:

Even after the standard cleaning protocols, you must wipe a few surfaces. It may include phones, remotes, doorknobs, and clocks. These items sometimes demand extra cleaning.

The light switch often stays the dirtiest; wipe that too. And even if you forget to bring the wipes, try to clean them with something else.


In whichever hotel you stay, make sure everything is in the right place. And in case if you feel that anything is missing, notify the help desk or hotel staff. Follow the ultimate guide for hotel stay to make sure that you are safe. Also, these tips help you from overspending on unnecessary things. So, whenever you enter a hotel room the next time, start your inspection right away.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.