Blueprint of new building

Your design might start with a sketch and end with something that can change the world. From sketch to the final project, the creative process is a journey. You need to have a vision, tech skills, creativity, and a touch of pragmatism.

A good engineer must understand how to mix logical vision with creativity. Effective engineering requires creative skill and project management skills. The following are three tips that engineers can use for the perfect design.

Think Simple

Engineers who overthink or who complicate the development process find themselves frustrated. Most engineers do not need to reinvent the wheel. They need to find strategic fixes to problems as they go through the engineering design process. The goal is specialization in engineering. This is accomplished by applying best practices to engineering design.

Quality must be before everything else. From the beginning steps of the design phase to the moment that the product leaves the door, engineers should be striving for simplicity and improvement.

The engineer’s ability to make practical decisions is a core competency. A simple approach helps engineers appreciate the fact that the obvious solution is not always the best solution. When a problem arises, there may be a perceived clear path for moving forward. However, the thought process must go one step further. Each problem in engineering and design has multiple solutions. Take the time to search them out and find the simplest one.

Engineering and design problems typically need to meet multiple criteria. These criteria are usually at odds with each other. Some solutions might seem brilliant because of their complexity. However, their implementation could be problematic. Get multiple solutions, evaluate them, build on ideas and approach design from a simplistic point of view.

Don’t Be Afraid to Brainstorm

Good engineers and designers realize that they don’t have all the answers. They value the input of others. Brainstorming means not being quick to shoot down ideas that seem unworkable. Resist the temptation to immediately have a negative view of another idea. Even bad ideas, in engineering and design, when left on the table could lead to better ideas.

When multiple people share their input, they bring value to the design. This is the power of teamwork.

Brainstorming includes asking the question, what is next? When engineers design, oftentimes, their minds do not follow a logical path. They are shifting back and forth between calculations and models. They may work on a section of a product or project, leave off on it, and then circle back to it again. However, this unstructured and often bizarre style of thinking is key in helping engineers not get stuck.

When engineering gets stuck during the design process and they don’t know what the next tangible action should be, it is time to let the brain go on autopilot. New ideas often come from the subconscious. When they arise, immediately write them down. This open mind approach to design leads to beautiful results.

Strive to Gain More Experience

The school you attend to become an engineer is important. Working in a country where engineers are needed is important. However, the most important thing for an engineer to wants to improve is experience. This involves getting out there and getting their hands dirty.

Developing engineering and design skills by taking internships, volunteering, doing part-time jobs, and shadowing professionals is essential. During this process, engineers are able to meet other players in the field and learn tricks of the trade from them, such as which blueprints to CAD conversion services provide the best results.

It is these practical insights about how to get the job done that can take an average engineer and turn them into one who can create jaw-dropping designs.

The experience garnered through internships and volunteering is an investment that can pay dividends in cash, respect, and career advancement. Learn about the big names in your field and follow their methods. Those who went before you made a number of mistakes, so you don’t have to.


Engineering and design are literally changing the way that people live every day. It is likely that you are reading this on a tablet, phone, or computer that only exists thanks to the work of engineers. If you take the time to get more experience, brainstorm and interact with other engineers and designers, and find a way to take the complicated and turn it into something simple, you will soon be engineering designs that will be the envy of the world.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.