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Employers sometimes have to determine whether a particular employee is physically able to perform their duties. They may also require a fitness evaluation if there are safety concerns, in response to a specific injury, or when an employee is transferred to a new position. It’s important to understand that both employer and health care professional input are needed for the fitness evaluation.

Fit for duty evaluations is conducted by outside medical professionals to make sure the evaluation is fair and unbiased. The fitness for duty evaluation will usually include an analysis of the employee’s job tasks and duties, an assessment of the employee’s physical abilities, and a psychological assessment of the employee. A medical professional will prepare a final report after the evaluation is finished, which will include recommendations. Recommendations could be whether the employee should return to work or continue his or her present duties. The report might also include accommodations for an employee with long-term disabilities.

Employees who have been unable to work for an extended period of time due to an injury or illness should contact their supervisor as soon as possible. A fitness for duty evaluation will be requested by the employer to ensure that the employee has recovered from the injury or illness and is ready to return to work. The evaluation will help protect both the employee and the employer by determining whether it is safe for the employee to return to work, and it will confirm that there have not been any negative effects on the employee’s productivity.

Employers can request a fitness for duty evaluation from their medical providers when there are concerns about an employee’s behavior. The employer must follow the process for submitting a referral based on observations that the employee might possibly be psychologically or physically not fit to perform his or her duties. Fitness for duty evaluations protect the employee that has been referred as well as other employees. These reports include medical records, tests results, recommendations, and personnel documents. Fitness for duty evaluation reports help employers determine whether the employee is fit to return to work or to continue working based on the employee’s ability to perform duties that the job requires. Reports from fitness for duty evaluations might recommend accommodations for the employee, medical leave, or termination.

Aside from requesting an employee’s fitness for duty evaluation when a behavior prompts such action, employers might also request this type of evaluation during several other circumstances. Employers could request a fitness for duty evaluation when an employee returns to work after illness or injury, when an employee enters a health insurance program, and even when employment is dependent upon the employee passing the fitness for duty evaluation. An employer might also request a fitness for duty evaluation to reevaluate an employee’s work-related injury to determine if continuing disability compensation or workers’ compensation is necessary.

Where Can An Evaluation Of Fitness For Duty Be Conducted?

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