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Electrical contractors are involved in tasks related to construction and are called in for any infrastructural construction that comes to mind. The different industries need the services of electrical contractors. For the success of a building project, it is important to ensure that the electrical contractors are the best in the region. Given below are the top electrical contractors in California. The Electrical Contractors assist in the building of infrastructure of different companies or other buildings.

1. Rosendin Electric:

This electrical contractor is one of the top electrical contractors in California with a work experience of more than a century i.e. a hundred years. The electrical contractors have worked across different kinds of fields such as the entertainment industry, companies related to biotechnology and software companies too. These electrical contractors have undertaken some large scale projects like the Charlotte Douglas Airport and the Grand Plaza for the Anaheim Convention Center. The company was started in the year 1919 for the purpose of installing electrical and communication buildings. The electrical contractors have come a long way in valuing their clients and customers and assist them in the completion of any complicated projects.

2. Quanta Electric:

These too are one of the best electrical contractors that you can find in the business, being experts in large scale projects extending from the North American region and reaching up to Australia, rendering services along the way. They have been responsible for a lot of previous projects like the Labrador Island Transmission Link and the Fort McMurray transmission project too. The electrical contractors have been in business for a couple of decades now and have been building their business to be capable to fulfill the requirements that are posed by their customers. Quanta has continued to experience positive growth, earning more profits because of their quality service.

3. MYR Group:

The electrical contractors have been in the industry for more than a century now, having been founded in the year 1891. They have undertaken a horde of industrial and commercial projects, making it one of the most remarkable companies in the business. They have been one of the top electrical contractors in California and the rest of the United States because of their consistency in the financial sphere and the superior quality of work that they provide. It is responsible for the transmission of its services throughout the United States and Canada too.

4. Cupertino Electric:

Cupertino electric has been in the business of electrical and construction for sixty five years now and has been an ideal option for the construction projects related to public organizations, business corporations and technological companies for all of these years. These electrical contractors have a positive reputation in that they complete large scale projects under the estimated time with a superior quality of work. It has been founded in the year 1954 by co-founders Gene Ravizza and Pete Kraljev. It focuses on the distribution if services, thus assisting several companies in realizing their business mission.

5. M.C. Dean:

These are one of the top electrical contractors in California providing services like the design and building of infrastructure for some large scale companies and facilities and companies that work at a global level. The projects undertaken by the company include electronics, control systems, electrical and communication infrastructure, etc. With its headquarters in Virginia, the company is responsible for installing automated systems and technologies, helping technological advancement in the United States of America. They have been well equipped to undertake and complete any complex and large scale projects that might come their way.

6. Henkles and McCoy Group:

These contractors are a private enterprise which provides services related to engineering, design and the construction of infrastructures. The company has been founded in the year 1923 and is just three years short of marking their century in the business. It was started as a company that initially worked for trimming trees and as a landscape enterprise for a while. The company has a skilled workforce because of its careful screening process while employing workers. The company is also responsible for the installation of the first Communication Access Television System in the United States.

7.  MDU Construction Services Group:

The parent company for the electrical contractors was founded in the year 1924 and the group has been consistently leading the provision of infrastructural facilities in the industry since then. They undertake projects such as the construction and completion of power stations and substations and power lines. Apart from this, they also have the capability of building infrastructure underground if required. This can be done for the purpose of providing electrical supply to certain companies and the distribution of electricity to the whole building or campus. They are also responsible for supplying electricity for street lights and building transmission lives for the purpose. They are one of the top electrical contractors in California and the whole of USA.

8. MMR Group

The group providing building and infrastructural facilities has been gradually recognized as a reliable company in both the local and global sphere for rendering facilities to their clients. They primarily focus on the delivering of high quality of services to the clients and the completion of the projects at a quicker pace with the highest level of efficiency. It is an expert in the sphere of dealing with the clients and has been able to deal with the competitive industry quite well.

9. CEC Companies:

The company is a bit recent as compared to the others with it being funded in the year 2009. However, in just about twelve years of its advent, it has been in tough competition with the companies founded hundreds of years back. They provide electrical installations and are the go to for most facilities like mechanical infrastructure as well.

10. USIS:

The company provides services as an installation company and has been started in the year 1924. It is a third generation organization and provides services like cabling, support for the IT companies and is also associated with installation of wireless systems and audio visual infrastructure. The Riverside Electrical Contractors provide these services relating to electricity and infrastructure.

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