Carefree Living

Getting old is a part of living, which is supposed to be cherished and enjoyed, but not many elders have it easy on themselves. Most elders are either sent to elder care homes or left alone. This usually takes a big toll on their physical and mental health. However, this should never be the case, as it’s our responsibility to provide elders a carefree lifestyle during old age as they did when we were young.

Elderly care services in India are gaining traction with each day, as people are realising it is important to make their loved ones feel comfortable and happy as they grow older. If you are also thinking about opting for elder care services for your parents or relatives, here are five must have services that you should aim to get for them.

Cook Services

Food is an essential necessity of our daily lives. But as people grow old, the ability to cook for themselves doesn’t look viable anymore. This could be due to multiple reasons; not being able to stand for long duration, weak vision, disease, illness and so on. 

During such times, if you cannot cook for your parents or elderly due to your work life, it’s best to invest in a cook at home service. The cook will be responsible for preparing all the meals for the elder throughout the day including any snacks they might ask from time to time.

Further, during old age, not everything digests and tastes the same as it used to. Hence, a change in diet might be required as well. These cooks at home professionals are usually well trained in preparing healthy meals for elderly, ensuring your loved ones are getting enough nutrition on a daily basis.


Another major part of our daily lives is laundry which becomes harder for elders due to the physical limitation that comes with age. Some elders might have joint issues, others might not walk too far or carry heavy things. Letting them do these things on their own might result in unwanted injuries. Hence, it’s best to go with an elder care provider that can offer caregiver services that includes help with laundry as well.


Keeping the elder inside the house, just because they cannot walk too much, isn’t healthy at all. Going out to different places every once in a while is considered healthy for mental health, regardless of the age. 

But elders usually do not get to do the same; during such times, having a caretaker that can help them move from one place to another will be a big help. This is especially beneficial when they want to go grocery shopping; the caretaker can drive and shop with them and bring them back to the house. This eliminates the worry of their well being when you are not at home.

Daily Hygiene

Having a caregiver at home for your elders offers other benefits as well. Benefits such as maintaining elder’s daily hygiene requirements including taking a bath, brushing their teeth, grooming, cleaning and so on. Hygiene sanitation is a must have trait, regardless of the age of an individual. Therefore, consider getting elder care services that offer these benefits as well.

Health Care Services

With old age, health issues become a big problem, not just for the elder but for the people around them. No one likes watching their loved ones getting hurt or being in pain from an illness. Consider investing in senior home health care in Hyderabad that provides a nurse at home who will help monitor your elder’s health and well being.

By Anurag Rathod

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