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Canada is a top choice for students looking to study abroad and build successful careers. It is ranked among the top ten countries in the world for high-quality educational systems.

One of Canada’s top colleges, Lambton college, is coming into the limelight among Bhutanese students for its high-value education and unparalleled student support. 

However, getting in is not easy; you must do well academically and start the application procedure at least a couple of months before the next intake. 

Fortunately, a top education consultancy in Bhutan can help get enrolled in Lambton College. Let’s look at the list of top education consultancies that can help you.

This blog includes:

  • Global Reach Education Consultancy and Placement Firm
  • Bhutan International Education Consultancy (BIEC)
  • Nukareer Education Consultancy and Placement Firm
  • Druk EduCare Education Consultancy and Placement Firm
  • Universal Education Consultancy and Placement Firm
  • EA-Z Education Consultancy and Placement Firm 
  • Samden Kuendup Education Consultancy
  • Final Thoughts

#1 Global Reach Education Consultancy and Placement Firm

Global Reach Educational Consultancy is the officially accredited agency representing foreign educational institutions in Bhutan. They are known for being the country’s first and most thorough study abroad advisors.

Nobody else can get you into Lambton College if not them! Apart from Lambton College, Global Reach can also help you get to some of the popular study destinations. 

They begin by providing in-depth career coaching. Their counselors provide education and employment possibilities before matching your profile to a suitable vocation based on your academic background, aptitude, and objectives. 

In addition to being knowledgeable, they also provide guidance based on personal experience from visiting academic institutions overseas.

Managing the entire procedure by your chosen educational consultant is a significant component of studying abroad. Top education consultancies can make the process much easier. You can say goodbye to your problems with Global Reach ECPF by your side.

Highlights of their services:

  • Assist students in selecting appropriate courses, tuition, and financial commitment for the course and expenditure.
  • Provide top schools and universities with the highest caliber worldwide facilities. 
  • Support students in their academic life so they can succeed and get more from their courses.
  • Visa support for students applying to international universities.
  • Free pre-departure sessions to disseminate information regarding destination countries and colleges.

#2 Bhutan International Education Consultancy (BIEC)

Another option to get enrolled into Lambton college is with Bhutan International Education Consultancy.

With the best personnel at their disposal, they offer their customers exactly what they need to go overseas. 

BIEC will do its best to secure you a spot at the most affordable price in Lambton college. They are one of the best education consultants in Bhutan that you can trust and rely upon to go overseas. 

Bhutan International Education Consultancy provides exceptional services from university admission to receiving a residency visa. 

With BIEC, you can quickly realize your dream of studying at Lambton college. They have a good track record of offering their clients the best results in terms of placements and successful visa applications.

#3 Nukareer Education Consultancy and Placement Firm

The Nukareer Education Consultancy and Placement Firm was founded in 2006, serving Bhutanese students with admissions to various international universities. 

The firm provides opportunities for students to pursue higher education in Canada, the USA, and Australia. 

If you want to get into Lambton college, they are one of the best options to turn to because they have well-experienced advisors to help you through the processes. 

Nukareer is student-focused and believes that students should seek educational options that give them complete information on the range of courses they can choose. So, not just the admission, but they will also help you choose the right course to build your career! 

#4 Druk EduCare Education Consultancy and Placement Firm

Druk EduCare has excellent relationships with prestigious colleges abroad and the mindset to make dreams come true. They are the ideal experts to contact if you intend to study at Lambton college for a better education. 

With their goal to realize every young student’s ambition of studying abroad at a prestigious university, they can help you get admission to Lambton college. 

Their team of experts has the knowledge to choose wisely between various courses, universities, and the speedy processing of visa applications. 

#5 Universal Education Consultancy and Placement Firm

The Universal Education Consultancy is a well-known education consultant in Bhutan. 

They focus on providing students with valuable information and unwavering assistance based on their experiences. 

Well experienced in placing students in various international institutions, they can surely help you get into Lambton college! 

According to their proprietor, students are their priority, so they use all their knowledge and resources on students to help them study where they want. 

#6 EA-Z Education Consultancy and Placement Firm 

Welcome to EA-Z Education Consultancy, a place where achievers are raised, and success is born. At EA-Z, they believe that, when it comes to educating children and young, “doing it right is more essential than getting it first.”

EA-Z offers help and counseling for international education. You should turn to them if you want to get into some of the top institutions and colleges abroad. Want to study at Lambton college? Count on EA-Z ECPF to take care of it! 

They will assess your top priorities and work to provide you with the best, most individualized solution, with satisfaction guaranteed. 

#7 Samden Kuendup Education Consultancy

Samden Kuendup Education Consultancy is dedicated to providing students the support  \they need to pursue further higher education. They boast a powerful group of highly skilled & experienced individuals.

SK consultancy offers counseling and all other services related to admission and visa application for countries including Australia, Canada, the UK, the United States, New Zealand, India, Thailand, and others. 

So, if you think of Lambton college, they can make it happen for you! 

Samden Kuendup Education Consultancy’s achievements:

  • More than 80% of applications handled and submitted through SK education consultancy have been accepted. 
  • More than 800 people have been successfully enrolled and helped by our consulting to travel and study abroad.
  • More than 1200 students have benefited from their free one-on-one counseling from knowledgeable education counselors at SK during our four years of service. 

Final Thoughts

Making a wise career decision and timely admission through the right consultancy will improve your chance of studying abroad.

You can change your fate by choosing Global Reach Education Consultancy and Placement Firm as your ultimate advisor to get into Lambton college. 

Global Reach is by far the best among the best if you want a trustworthy education consultant to build a successful career! 

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By Anurag Rathod

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