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eCommerce – an industry that witnessed a dramatic acceptance, especially in the pandemic while the whole world was following the lockdown rule and social distancing norms. From basics to luxury, every kind of shopping is now preferred by the online mode, compared to the offline way of visiting stores and making purchases. With an increase in demand, there was an effective increase in competition as well.

For the eCommerce store owners, it has become quite challenging to keep up with increasing engagement on their store and continue delivering extraordinary customer experience. There has been tremendous change in how customers expect the stores to function. Advancements in the industry are still unpredictable, making it necessary for store owners to stay best-in-class and up-to-date to lead the game and stay ahead. Offering a high-end shopping experience is more just an option for store owners; it’s necessary to stay ahead of the competition.

Being a leading eCommerce platform, Magento regularly launches updates to revolutionize the approach and upgrade the functions of the store. Recently, Magento launched its Progressive Web Application to keep offering a top-notch shopping experience to the end-users of eCommerce. Among many Magento products developers, MageDelight is one of the top products and solutions providers. When it comes to Magento, the team of certified developers here brings in years of experience to help customers with the most satisfactory eCommerce solution to stay ahead of the rising competition.

With a catalogue of more than 60 Magento 2 Extensions, 2 Magento solutions, and four services, the MageDelight team is extensively focused on helping customers offer a fine-grade shopping experience in the eCommerce store. Our product bundles work well as an all-in-one suite for the eCommerce stores to provide an enhanced shopping experience. We have accumulated our top-selling extensions to help achieve the targeted goal. Let me help you with detailed information about each of them.

Search & Navigation Pack

Our search and navigation pack consists of extensions developed to improve the overall shopping experience of the store by enhancing search features and navigation. How do the functionalities of extensions help in the improvisation of search and navigation on the store?

  • Advanced Filter feature in the store makes it extremely easy for a customer to find a suitable product easily
  • Comprehensive Menu options listed down in categories and subcategories a structured way
  • Powerful Search functionality which ensures customer lands on the product they are looking for
  • Identify customer location automatically and redirect them to the right store with appropriate currency & language
  • Ensure Customers search for the nearest physical store on google map with all detail, including store timings

Let’s have a look at the extensions included in the bundle:

Advanced Layered Navigation

Make the navigation of your eCommerce store simpler than ever and enhance the customer experience of your online store. Magento 2 Advanced Layered Navigation helps you boost your SEO with a seamless navigation system.


MageDelight Magento 2 Elastic Search Extension offers your online store advanced, accurate, and quick search functionality. Our Advanced AutoComplete Search Module enhances customer satisfaction & user experience & shopping experience.


Magento 2 Store Switcher extension automatically detects visitors’ location and redirect them to a custom URL (relevant store) on the basis of the IP address, giving them a native feel with local language and regional currency.


Automate your store’s SEO with SEO Pro Magento 2 Suite. It is an extension with numerous splendid features to help your store with better Search Engine Optimization. Magento 2 SEO Extension helps enhance website visibility, traffic, and rankings.

Store Locator

Help your customers locate your offline store or search their nearest physical store on Google Maps using Magento 2 Store Locator extension. Create a store & add a google map to your Magento 2 store using Dealer Locator Module with multiple search criteria & an adaptive user interface.

Mega Menu

With the Mega Menu Magento 2 extension, create a dynamic navigation menu for your Magento eCommerce Store. This extension lets you create a custom horizontal & vertical Mega Menu.

Product Parts Finder

Product Parts Finder Extension is a great choice of Magento 2 Extension, especially for online automobile stores which lets users to search products with make, model, year, and many more filters & display advanced filters on any store page.

Well, I hope this all-in-one suite is more than enough for your store to upscale the shopping experience game on your store.

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