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Nowadays, there are many players and devices for us to choose from, such as Huawei, apple, Sony, Samsung, PSP, Archos, mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc., but most of them cannot play DVD directly and have their own supported formats, such as AC3, AAC, MP4, MP3, AVI, MKV, MOV, WMV, VOB, etc. To solve this problem, we can choose to convert the DVD collection to a common video format. MP4 is the best choice because it can be compatible with different devices, websites and players. Therefore, a reliable DVD to MP4 ripper is necessary.

How to judge whether a software is a professional DVD to MP4 ripper? Personally, a DVD to MP4 ripper should provide users with the following key features:

A user-friendly interface

The interface of DVD to MP4 ripper should be simple and intuitive to make it easy to use and help users convert DVD to MP4 in simple clicks.

Extract audio files from DVD

You may find that the dialogue or music in the DVD is useful when you are watching a DVD and want to extract them from the DVD to help your students or children practice oral English, it is helpful if the DVD to MP4 ripper can be equipped with the function of extracting audio, which is conducive to extracting audio from DVD and saving it in AC3, MP3, AAC, MKA, WAV and other formats.

Support converting DVD to MP4 and even more output formats and devices

Converting DVD to MP4 and more formats should be an essential feature of the software, such as MPG, AVI, MKV, WMV, VOB, MKV, MOV, M4V, 3GP, MTS, etc. It would be more perfect if the software can help you convert DVD to portable and hanging devices, including TVs, phones, desktops, laptops, tablets and more.

With basic editing features

It would be better if the DVD to MP4 ripper can provide users with basic editing features, guide users to edit DVD without third-party tools, such as adding subtitles and audio tracks to DVD, adjusting parameters, setting frame rate, reducing DVD size, adding special effects to DVD, cutting DVD clips, etc.

Support fast conversion without any quality loss

The software is supported by high-end technology to support fast DVD conversion. The most important thing is that the fast speed will not cause any damage to the output files. Otherwise, all efforts will be in vain.

Accept different types of DVD and have the ability to decrypt protected DVD

This is a problem that most users will be concerned about, because many of the programs they encounter can only handle a certain kind of DVD or can’t rip a protected DVD perfectly. But there is still software that can avoid these problems perfectly to copy DVD movies, TV programs, TV series, fitness videos, learning tutorials, etc., have the ability to bypass/remove the region code protection to copy encrypted DVD collections.

Automatically identify the main movie from 99 titles

After a DVD movie is imported into the program, multiple titles will appear on the interface. What we have to do is to rip the main movie in it, so it is a complicated and time-consuming task to manually select and judge it. If a software has automatic identification features, it will help us save a lot of waiting time.

Most recommended program

There are a lot of programs that can rip DVD to MP4, but based on the above features, we find that WonderFox DVD Video Converter is a truly reliable and professional converter with intuitive multi language interface and lightning speed. DVD ripping will be completed in 5 to 10 minutes without any quality loss.

In addition to meeting the features mentioned above, it also helps you download online videos from more than 300 video sharing sites and convert them to different devices and output formats. If you want to improve the video quality, it can support you to convert SD video to HD video.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.