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DownloadGram is an online web tool that will help you to download Instagram videos and photos online. DownloadGram Instagram downloader allows you to download high-quality images and videos with lower sizes. So anyone can download easily and fast from any device like smartphones iOS, Android, iPad, iPhone devices, and any computer such as windows, mac, Linux, and any web browsers; chrome, firefox, safari, UC, Opera, and others. 

So no difficulties will occur while using this DownloadGram free online tool. This is because Instagram images and videos are not able to download through Instagram. So if anyone wants to save favorite content from Instagram, use this best and fast Instagram downloader online tool.

How to Download Instagram Videos?

So now let’s talk about how you can save any video files using DownloadGram videos downloader. It’s completely free and then users can watch Instagram videos even offline and use them whenever they want.

  1. First, go to the Instagram app or
  2. Find the Instagram video that you want to download.
  3. After that copy that video URL from the address bar.
  4. Now go to the DownloadGram Official Website and paste the video link on the input box.
  5. Then simply press the “Download Now” button and it will prepare your video.
  6. then again click the “Download” button and your video will download.
  7. That’s it, a simple one-click online video downloader.

How to download Instagram Photos?

Instagram becomes the most famous social media platform for sharing photos, videos, and even YouTube. You can now post long videos using the IGTV section. More than 100 million images and videos are uploaded to Instagram every day. 

So this is the best and the fastest option to share anything on the internet and if any user wants to save something but it’s disabled from the Instagram application or the site. Then you can use our DownloadGram Photo downloader tool for downloading images as well. 

This download method is the same as the video downloader. DownloadGram is the best and fastest Instagram photo downloader.

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DownloadGram Features

  • Fastest Instagram online downloader on the internet.
  • There’s no limitation to download images, videos.
  • It will easily convert images to JPG and videos to MP4.
  • DownloadGram UI is a friendly and easy interface.
  • Any user can use it from any platform, mobile or computer.
  • No signup or personal information required.

Why should you use DownloadGram?

There are so many android and online web tools to download photos and videos from Instagram. But we offer you the best and quickly save options to users to save any content from Instagram. Some apps and websites bring you so many ads and redirect you to sites without your consent. 

So this online web tool is ads-free and no time-wasting things in DownloadGram for free downloader. You can use this tool to download long content like IGTV videos from Instagram IGTV downloader. This web tool will bring fast service to anyone who uses this tool on any platform. There are no limitations, no visible advertising, and no unnecessary content in DownloadGram. 

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