10 Digital Marketing Tips for Food Bloggers

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Think someone passing interesting comments like: “Your food seems to be delectable and aesthetic”,” That’s so rightly cooked! You’re a perfectionist” your half job is done. People appreciating your food is the same way people are likely to buy the next time. Such flavorful and mouth-watering dishes are something to crave for. If you market them on a digital platform, you are on the right track.

Follow the guidelines which would add magic to your food and blogging at the same time.

#1: Blog your food content

Some original content can do the thing! No matter the content is far different from what others have to share if you love your content you can go with it. Try better visuals, appealing headlines and innovative meta- description. If your content is engaging the readers on a large scale, there would be a sure-shot increase in your pay-per-click. As per the study, the Indian bloggers earn around 5000-6000 rupees or 15- 20 lakh per month where on the initial 6 months, you don’t earn.

#2: Share your posts on social media

Pinterest is the easiest mode of sharing your food recipes. Facebook is also one among them. Wherein on Instagram, it is advisable to post 5 shares per week marked by the top food bloggers. The more consistent you are with your followers, the more is the reach guaranteed. Put stories and polls to provide some health-related information and solve their queries. Make your content look appealing on all your social media platforms!

#3: Guest Blog with other creators

That’s absolutely free and convenient! You accept guest bloggers and their content to be published on your site while they promote your blog. Both are equally benefited and you are able to create your brand identity in the market. The moment you allow guest posts or do the same for other websites, you are creating authorship under your name and being recognised in front of leading players in the market.

#4: Run contests and campaigns

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There are a few interesting contests that you can run on your Instagram. Provide gift cards, recipe books, cooking classes and involve the audience to participate in such contests by letting them like the post, tag their friends in the comment section and put the feed in their stories. Regarding the campaigns, you can run Google Ads Paid campaigns, Collaborate with other influencers, create customer loyalty programs, offer discounts and cashback, etc. 

#5: Announce giveaway offers 

Customize your giveaway offers based on your target audience. If your target audience has more proportion of girls than boys, provide them free giveaway of makeup equipment or dresses. If it happened to be vice versa, consider shoes and electronic gadgets. These promotional giveaways are likely to pull your audience on a large scale. Free stuff is always attractive. Make the most out of it. 

#6: Put stories and improve graphics 

How can you miss the opportunity to grow your business and recognition by increasing the visibility in the market! The templates and designs used for your food blogging are extremely crucial and long-lasting. When you add stories to your food encounter or create a strong role of social media profile, people are likely to land on your page and follow your food content. You can also promote your posts, business cards, brochures, leaflets, on your social media.

#7: Have Newsletters, press releases & articles

Newsletters are the electronic way of picturing out the information related to your domain (food), press releases are the official announcements made regarding the concern online or offline (mostly Twitter), articles are the informative blogs that you have done deep research and produced your own original content. Making use of all three elements are functional and applicable.

#8: Go with Email Marketing 

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MailChimp is the best source of marketing to 2000 people at the same time. Some others include MooSend, GetResponse, MailerLite. You can create more than 2000 subscribers and set reminders for your latest content (blog) posts. How about linking your email marketing with WordPress? Synchronise your emails with appropriate links and also get linked with WordPress with the themes and plugin it recommends.

#9: Make your website SEO optimized

A study suggests that the best option for organic marketing is done through Google. Your page ranking ultimately turns out to be the most important when you use relevant keywords for your SEO building. Apart from high- quality food content, you can focus on backlinks to your website which would work with the Google Algorithm. Backlinks come from external sources where Google considers your content to be top-notch and highly useful.

#10: Use Google Analytics for your data

You can use Analytics to determine which campaigns give you the best conversion rates. Learn about where the readers are attracted and to which content you can get inspiration from. Also, learn from the worst-performing campaigns and pages. You would understand as to what factors should be closely taken care of. Here, you get a feature like Enhanced Demographics for identifying the spam devices and getting clear insights on the target population. 

Food Blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea! But if you use all the digital marketing strategies and promote widely and wisely, you can conquer the complications coming around.

Author Bio:

Diksha Menghani

Diksha loves to write about the vast understanding of everything happening around her. She regularly contributes a Food Guest Post on F and B Recipes.