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What Makes Digital Marketing a Must Have for any Business Today?

What Makes Digital Marketing a Must Have for any Business Today?

Digital Marketing has gained strong momentum over the last 20 years approximately though its history goes back longer than that.

How Old is Digital Marketing

The first time digital marketing had its wings spread was in the year 1896. This was when Guglielimo Marconi the inventor of radio used the same to display transfer of wireless signals.

This in fact led to people understanding the usefulness of this solution for different purposes like customer outreach and advertising, to name a few.

This is not only the only example of digital marketing. There are several other examples from the past which showcase the display of digital marketing and its popularity on a whole.

Meaning of Digital Marketing

First and foremost, the concept of digital marketing is broad and huge to say the least.Also, it is not an idea you can actually speak about or discuss in a few lines.

However, if the meaning has to be explained in layman terms, it is a type of advertising performed through website, social media or emails.

This way business helps prospective customers become aware about products, services and benefits they would receive upon buying it.

Also, the business would help educate prospective customers why their business is the one to depend upon.

digital marketing

According to Salesforce by 2021 around 75% of the total budget made by marketing would go to digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is broadly classified into the following types namely,

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Email Marketing

Here’s explaining these concepts to you in a more concise manner.

Search Engine Optimization

In layman terms, search engine optimization refers to optimization of the content as well as its its technical set up and reach of website through keywords.

This way, one can get their page on top of the search engine when searched by prospective customers.

Content Marketing

Content is what drives a business towards its success or its doom. Thus, it is good and educative content alone that can attract a customer towards its products and services. Thus in a nutshell, content marketing is what helps a business get attention on social media.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a powerful channel in today’s day and age. This powerful medium not only helps friends and families remain connected but also enables and empowers businesses to build a brand for themselves.

How, you may ask. Mostly through different social media channels. Businesses help customers get educated about their product and its uniqueness. This is usually through social media channels and engaging content to successfully become a brand.

Email Marketing

This is a popular concept where businesses send emails to customers both new and old to educate them about new offers and discounts on their products. This way, they can also attract them towards their business.

So you can understand thus, digital marketing is not a small term. It is a broad concept necessary for businesses to incorporate in order to build a successful brand.

Given below are some other reasons which make it necessary for businesses to incorporate digital marketing in their tasks,

  1. Assists businesses in  bringing new customers and create new content so as to be unique than their competitors
  2. Helps businesses get more leads in comparison to other marketing mediums. This is mostly through social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing etc, to name a few
  3. Assists in bringing more customers, leads and sales through its different channels like content marketing, social media marketing, etc.
  4. Assists business earn customers trust through testimonials, videos etc. usually posted by earlier purchasers
  5. Ensures the survival of a business. Every time new keywords get added by a business, it gets on top of search engine in a more apt manner.

Thus it goes without saying that if a business wants to survive in this competitive rat race, it is important they implement and incorporate digital marketing at the earliest. This will help build a successful business empire for themselves and a brand along with bring and attract new and old customers.

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