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Difference Between Commercial Office Cleaning and janitorial Services

Difference Between Commercial Office Cleaning and janitorial Services

Keeping a clean and organized workplace is necessary to run a successful business. Maintaining cleanliness in your workplace helps you increase productivity and it will also create a good impression among your clients as well as your employees. A clean and maintained workspace helps employees to improve their performance at work. It is important to keep your office clean, sanitized, and safe all the time.

To keep your office space clean and maintained, there are generally two cleaning methods such as commercial office cleaning services and janitorial services. However, People often don’t know the difference between commercial office cleaning and janitorial services.

The Key Differences Between Commercial Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services

The main difference between commercial office cleaning and janitorial services is that janitorial services include small and everyday cleaning tasks such as regular vacuuming of carpet while commercial office cleaning Involves bigger cleaning jobs which are highly specialized tasks that do not need to be done on a regular basis which is mainly done in every six months or annually such as  Deep carpet cleaning.

Janitorial Services

Janitorial services are simply regular cleaning services. They will take care of your everyday cleaning duties and they keep your workplace cleaned on a regular basis.

With janitorial services your office will always look good, along with cleanliness they focus on keeping the space ready to use all the time. Janitorial services may include facilities such as simple repairs, building maintenance, facilities management, simple cleaning. Depending upon the size of the office, companies provide janitorial services daily, weekly, or bi-weekly. The tools and cleaning products used in janitorial services are mild products that are used on a regular basis such as Dustbane products and green cleaning products. Trained Professionals that provide janitorial services use cleaning products and equipment to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and maintain clean and sanitary conditions.

Janitorial services typically include 5 types of services. They are as follows:

  • Regular vacuum cleaning
  • Removing the Trash
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Hard floor dusting
  • Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms

Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning involves bigger, more difficult, more specialized cleaning duties that are not required to be done on a regular basis which is mainly done every six months or annually. Commercial cleaning provides comprehensive cleaning and these services involve deep cleaning facilities. The tools and cleaning products used for commercial cleaning are much stronger than janitorial supplies. Toxic and hazardous products are used for commercial cleaning. Usually, these products are used once in a while so that risks due to these products are minimized. Companies hire professional commercial office cleaning services as a one-time job but you can make a contract of their services per year. Commercial office cleaning provides deep cleaning services.

Commercial office cleaning services typically include 6 types of services. They are as follows:

  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • Hard floor cleaning
  • Upholstery and Furniture cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Power washing
  • Tile and grout cleaning

Looking for office cleaning services? If you need consistent cleaning services to keep your office clean and presentable, then you can go for janitorial services or if you have big cleaning projects such as Deep carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, etc then you can go for Commercial office cleaning services. Most of the service providers offer both types of cleaning service.

Hope this article gives a clear idea on the differences between Commercial Office cleaning services and Janitorial Services. If you have any further questions, you can ask it through the comment section. Also, you can comment your thoughts on this and share with your friends.

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