comforters and duvets

Your bedding products are not complete without duvets and comforters. They maintain your body temperature while asleep. These types of bedding items have similar features as well as differences.  This knowledge will help you to choose one or the other.

What is Duvet?

The word duvet comes from a French word used for down. Duvet is filled with feathers, synthetic fibers, silk or wool. It is soft, plain and mostly found in white or off white color. The duvet covers are available in a variety of colors, style and materials. The corner ties are used to keep the duvet in place. You can also use zippers, buttons or ties to enclose the duvet in the cover.

What is Comforter?

King size comforter is a type of soft blanket in which synthetic fiber, wool or down is filled. It mostly comes in the form of bed set that includes bed sheet, pillow cases and comforter. The market is full with a wide variety of colors, designs and patters of the comforters. The king size comforter does not need a cover.  However people may use loops to tie covers on the comforter.

Difference between Duvet and Comforter

Both the comforter and duvet are bedding items under which people sleep but they have certain differences as well.

• Duvet needs cover but comforter does not. People may also use comforter cover to keep it safe.

• It is common that duvet or duvet cover is sold separately. On the other hand comforter is sold as a part of the complete bedding set.

• Comforter does not come with cover so it is washed regularly. While duvet is washed rarely because covers are used to protect them. 

• There is the difference of filling pattern in both the duvets and comforters. The duvet filling can be bunched together inside the cover but on the other hand comforter comes in sewn pattern due to which its shape and filling remains fine. 

• The size of the duvet is same as that of the mattress while the comforter are mostly larger in size.

• The filling in duvet is more due to which they are more warmth as compared to the comforter.

What to Choose?

 Before buying a duvet or comforter you need to go through certain factors to make a wise decision.

• The most important is the filling of the comforter or duvet. Normally it is filled with down, feather, wool, silk or synthetic material. In case of allergy problems duvet or comforter filled with synthetic material is preferred.

• You need to consider fill power to select a proper insulated and heighted duvet or comforter.

• The thread count of the cover must be higher to get maximum comfort and durability.

• The heavier duvet or comforter is more warmth than the light weight beddings. So select it according to your climate.

• The construction such as sewn pattern and filling of the duvet or comforter is very important because it makes it durable.

• The cleaning is also important because most of the people will love to buy a duvet or comforter which is easy to clean or wash.

• The style of the duvet or comforter is also important because they come in a variety of styles, materials, textures and colors.

By Anurag Rathod

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