The world of marketing is increasingly competitive and finding ways to attract the public’s attention is for those who have a lot of creativity and like perfection. And if you’re not that creative and a perfectionist, don’t be discouraged, because today, many tools can help you create marketing materials to publicize your work, such as designs for social media, marketing content, pamphlets, and more.

One of these tools is DesignCap, an image creator that can help you assemble beautiful images (such as banners) for posting on social networks, images for marketing content, brochures, letters, etc, to print and Promote offline.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap is a free online graphic designer that helps small businesses and online marketers to create posts. They are on Facebook, on various social media, infographics for website content. Invitations to different occasions like Christmas, New Year, or works of art. Art for print media, such as posters, brochures, and even business cards, etc. With DesignCap, you don’t have to hire a professional designer to get professional graphic designs. That Cool! We will see.

What can we do with DesignCap?

On the main page of, move your mouse over the Category section. You will see the types of design supported by the site. Thus, we can choose to create projects that meet our needs.

There are two main categories of design: “Marketing and Events” and “Social Media Graphics”. Let’s look at the specific designs that DesignCap can help you with.

Marketing and Events

  • Infographic
  • Flyer
  • Card (small cards for friends or customers)
  • Flyer Maker
  • Menu
  • Header (banner for advertising)
  • Poster
  • Invitation
  • Business card
  • Facebook ad (image posted on Facebook)
  • Logo (logo designs)

Social Media Graphic

  • YouTube channel art
  • Facebook cover
  • Tumblr banner
  • Facebook Post
  • Pinterest graphic (beautiful images to post on Pinterest)
  • YouTube thumbnail (YouTube clip art image)
  • Twitter cover (Twitter cover image)
  • Email header
  • Post Instagram

How to use it?

Register an account for free

As a free website creation tool, we don’t need to install programs on the machine. Instead, go to and register an account with your email for free. You can also access the directory with your Google or Facebook account.

Choose a model

You can see that DesignCap provides a lot of templates to choose from. Select a category and choose a specific model for your topic and start your design. You can also start creating a blank template.


We don’t need to think about all the design details because DesignCap has many beautiful templates to choose from. After selecting a template, adjust it and make it unique with elements, photos, graphics, text, modules, and background. Each object can be customized with a specific editing tool.

Save and share

After finishing the design editing, click the “Save” button to save our DesignCap account design for further editing. Or click the “Download” button to download the plan as an image file to your computer. You can share the saved image or share it directly through the design URL generated by DesignCap.


DesignCap is a creative design service available to everyone, even those who have no design ideas or have never created an image before. It can create jobs quickly with beautiful templates and a wide selection of features. Are you interested? Access this link


  • Free and easy to use to create creative designs.
  • Quickly get design ideas through vast predefined templates.
  • Millions of photos, elements, graphics, predefined text styles, modules, and backgrounds.
  • Fully customizable features such as crop, color, resize, group / ungroup, etc.
  • In the paid version, it is possible to download large images and choose unlimited models.
  • Saves the project to the cloud for later changes.


  • It is possible to download image files for design works only in small sizes for the Free plan.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.