Top 10 Custom Planter Boxes Ideas To Consider

Simply put, a planter box is like a case to grow plants and it can be horizontal, vertical, customized and others. These decorative elements may be incorporated anywhere in the house including the outdoors. Place them in the balcony, in the patio, deck, drawing room, garden or anywhere else. If space in the home is limited and there is no garden, you can place planter boxes inside your home. By doing so, you can grow vegetables, fruits, colorful flowers and add to the décor element of the household. If you fail to find planter boxes of your choice from the seller, then you may order custom made planter boxes. Hence, there is no need to prepare flowerbeds in the backyard or dig the backyard to create room for the plants and herbs.

There are various kinds of custom-made planter boxes. A custom planter box is made as per the customer’s specifications. Certain kinds of planter boxes are vertical, horizontal, raised, and there can be boxes for different regions like patio, window, balcony, etc. You can have a separate planter box for growing veggies and similarly for fruits and flowers. A buyer can also choose between different material options like a custom wooden planter box, a custom plastic planter box, brick planter, metallic planter or even pallet planter boxes. So, you will be spoilt for choices when looking for a suitable planter box. In this section you will get an idea about custom planter boxes. 

Top 10 Custom Planter Boxes For You To Consider 

  • Stepped planter boxes are very popular among lovers of gardening and among the home designers. Planter boxes are placed on steps for growing flowers and veggies. The best material would be A-grade wood utilizing vertical space.
  • A purely vertical planter is like stepped planter which is space-saving. So, you can grow veggies in large quantities without any need to dig the yard or occupy floor space. Indeed, this kind of set up is best for homes with pets and kids.
  • With the help of a plastic bucket, you may now create a strawberry planter. If not possible, ask a professional to do it for you.
  • Wooden planter boxes from pallet are an awesome idea if you want to go green. In case you have wooden pallets of no use, you may create wonderful custom-made planter boxes out of it. It uses wooden pallets and a few woodworking tools. So, the idea is great.
  • If you have barrels at home, you can convert them into planter boxes. Simply cut the barrel with the help of angle grinder. To make it appealing, paint the barrel with your favorite color.
  • Plank planter made up of planks of wood makes a wonderful planter box. Plank planter makes the best window planter box. 
  • To be creative, now you can convert your basketball into a planter box. Cut the ball into two halves and cement it properly from inside and just hang it in the balcony with strings.
  • A brick custom planter box is great to use. You just need a few woodworking tools and a few bricks. 
  • Cinder blocks custom planters are easy to make. Each block has to be placed creatively one upon the other. So, what you get in the end is a beautifully done planter box. It is best for places like backyards and deck areas.
  • Wooden boxes can easily be converted into planters. Use the boxes you don’t require anymore to grow your fruits and vegetables.

To design all the above-mentioned custom planter boxes, you may choose a woodworker. Well, they may also be availed from a garden store or through a landscape designer.